“Part of Africans’ Brainwashing Is Western Education”: Insights from Ugo Eze’s The Python and the Rainmaker

Ugo Eze, an ICT expert, is the author of the book, The Python and the Rainmaker. The book focuses on the elements of science, the spiritual, the shaman, the rainmaker, and they affect all things, especially tech and science.

Muna Chinedu had a talk with Ugo Eze about the book. The excerpts: What inspired the writing of this book? I am often found in the middle of trying to make a living and doing what I enjoy doing. I like to research knowledge. I am a tech person, but that’s primarily to provide myself with the resources to do what I like, this kind of research. I always want to do research on existential issues: about meaning, the black man in Africa and why we are stuck in the inability to unravel ourselves originally as it concerns technology. I tell myself we can’t all be stupid, there must be something we don’t understand. It’s this quest that drives me. I had a father who was free and exposed. I got exposed a lot early.

I was reading editions of Time Magazine at seven, not to mention The Economics, National Geographic, and others. During the bin-Laden crisis, something came up about what really happened to the building. My brother was in Hong Kong then because he was part of the team that built the Hong Kong Airport. In a discussion, he said he didn’t think it was just airplanes that brought down the buildings. Then, in a similar talk, some crazy Americans insist that America never went to the moon, that it was a faked mission. The first thing that occurred to me was why I never thought of that possibility. I was shocked that such doubt never crossed my mind while I was taught physics then in secondary school. I got documents on NASA and started researching it. But someone from the Soviet Academy of Science did a detailed analysis of the amount of fuel the Apollo was carrying and the rate of combustion, then showed the level Apollo would have gone with the fuel available to her, insisting there was no way they got near the moon, nor have enough fuel to come back. I told myself if things like this could be a lie, what else is a lie? That’s how I began. While programming back then with colleagues, one of them said his father was a rainmaker, then I asked him what he was doing with Python programming since his father makes rain. I asked to visit his father to discover some things, and that’s how I began learning things about rainmaking, other African spiritual arts, and more. I visited ‘dibias’ and shamans across Africa to learn more.

The intention wasn’t to publish a book, but one day I decided to gather all I have learned into one document, and keep, but here we are. The book connects the python as a programming language, the python as a snake, the debia, the shaman, the rainmaker and science; one would find it difficult connecting this. But you showed it in the book. The rainmaker controls water cycle, lightning, and thunderbolts, to make or stop rain. How can such power affect the continent in reality and the growth of the tech sector?Science is from the West. It is based on dead energy—waves, electricity, capacitor, and more. They don’t have life in them. Now there’s a totally different kind of science based on psychic energy, that is the human energy—not spirits, but a certain field of energy that can be swayed with the mind, with your thoughts. This science is not made of dead energy. What most of us call traditional science is based on this kind of science, psychic energy. But this field can be subtle. It can be hard to control because everyone has this psychic energy, and when everyone is transmitting at the same time, you may not achieve what you want. It has the feedback, which when done badly can affect it negatively; you can see it has the ethical side of it and the science side of it, the negative and positive side of it. When you go to church to pray for a thing to happen, it’s not different from this. The niche you follow is your choosing. The main thing is that you are trying to ramp up a certain energy with which to affect reality directly or otherwise.

This field we are talking about is a part of the state of the art research in most top secret labs in America. It’s classified. In fact in ’07 the CIA released a memo that any reference to psi in their transaction has to be removed, and they would monitor projects and research on it across the world. The reason is simple: anyone who eventually succeeds in making a breakthrough in psi and is able to structure it into a repeatable pattern becomes the new superpower, the military, tech and electrical energy become useless. The US knows this, same thing with Russia, China and others. The propaganda is that they come out and say it doesn’t work, but down in the secret, they are busy funding secret labs that research on it. But you can’t go to a conference and talk about telepathy. What you mean is that breaking through in psi and paranormal science will change the face of everything?It definitely will. And it’s Africans who hold the key to this, and not the Americans. The research the Americans do is not giving them a repeatable pattern because they approach it from the other end of science. They don’t want to understand that there are moral and ethics components of it which may be called religious; they want to be totally in control.

When you look at the traditional groups, the Igbo, the Yoruba, the Egyptians, etc., they seem to understand the architecture of this field and are going beyond this discussion. They seem to understand the correlation between an owl and night and death. These are very complex systems with a certain kind of feed-forward where one thing leads to another. For you to do this, you need to be prepared for it, to interpret the feedback from life. When you see a proper dibia, his moral standard is often impeccable, not because he wants to, but the forces he interacts with will react against him if he doesn’t. You will notice that the bad dibia is often crippled, or lame in a certain way, or trying to push the negative effects on you the client, earthing it away from himself. If the signal goes wrong, it hits the client, not the dibia. It’s not a thing you can dismiss. That’s what the colonialists saw and knew that if they failed to remove it from the psyche of the people, they wouldn’t be able to control them. When they came, they removed the children and put them towards the church. When the children are grown, the link will be completely cut off, and they continuously call it evil, and encourage them to burn the shrines. Just do it for two generations, and it will be cut off. That’s what they did. Now there’s hardly a true scholar in this field alive, so a lot of people claim they can do what they can’t do to get money, and in turn it reinforces the talk about the field being garbage. It’s a serious disempowerment. People have been programmed to think this way. When you keep an ofor in your house, they say it is ogwu, an evil. The Egyptians understood the making of gods. They see it as the infusing of the sensus and the spiritus inside natural things. It’s like a power computer, to store up psychic energy. This energy is actually information that can give you feedbacks. The oracle is a system loaded with information and psychic energy. When one that knows how to get this information comes, he does what is necessary.

When libation is done, it’s like charging the system. It stores up the information and keeps and recognizes it each time it’s called upon it. The Egyptians understood this as an art that one could be part of if a certain process is followed. This can be abused. Any charlatan could claim to have it and use it negatively. People seem to focus on the negative part more. The negative aspects of a thing are often the one more promoted. People think that these things are easily accessible, but they are not. Just like nuclear physics, you don’t get a lot of professors of nuclear physics. They are rare. Countries like Russia and the US have them. They have a lot of classified labs, it’s about power.That you studied nuclear physics in UNN doesn’t mean you can build a nuclear bomb. That you studied electrical/electronics does not mean you can build a cell phone. If you go to the Nokia Factory in the Netherlands, no one on the base floor knows how the phone is built. The phone you use: most of the chips and parts are made by different companies. You tell the company how you want it, they do it with their patent and send it to you. Most of the factories you see are assembly plants. The same thing with most auto companies in Germany. They send specifications to the engineers that make the engines.

They make them and deliver them in trucks and they couple them in the plants. So, it’s not just on the surface. A lot is not about learning or efforts, or getting first class in a field. What special thing makes guys that build these things attain such a level of an almost unattainable excellence?When you research the lives of these people, you will see that it’s spiritual. They have attained a certain level of psychic energy. In the book, I have always said, there’s a point where the matter and the science hit a balance with the spiritual, the psychic, especially in the case of the inventors. That’s what brings the invention, not just the instructive science taught in school. Nigeria has graduated over 50,000 engineers, and no breakthrough yet. There is a new bullet train, maglev, made by the Germans. The magnet in the train doesn’t touch the rail, even the professors are confused. The train starts and the magnet lifts it off the rail and hangs it there. And from there it hits 400km per hour. It doesn’t miss the track nor touch the rail.

The Chinese have it, just like the Japanese. If you go everywhere it is, it is the same German company that goes around mounting it, signing non-disclosure agreements. You should know that if you start from a level that you are doing what you are taught, then you are not on the level with the originator. There was a guy who worked in General Motors. He worked in Opel, Germany. He designed the Opel Calibra which was the state of the art then. I don’t know how, but Volkswagen got a hold of him. Then, Volkwagen was designing mostly box cars. It was when he came in that he changed a lot. You started to see different designs from Volkswagen. General Motors had to take Volkswagen to court, and they paid GM billions for this. It was said the guy had everything in his head and that it was a breach of contract to have pulled him out. And GM had over 200,000 workers, but went to court because of one. The people that are good at this are not many. These people are at the paranormal level where matter and spirit are merged in a balance. Everyone has the ability and potential in them to attain this level. The education system is programmed to reduce and limit you to the material level. That’s the problem. Next time they will create a phone that will be so sleek or you can fold virtually in all ways. Everyone will be lost in wonder, but no one asks the elements, forces and process put in making the phone. By the time they release the document on the process of making it, say 60 years later, it has low economic importance, and even then after reading the document, you won’t be able to make the phone.

The problem is, most of us are yet to be conscious of the fact that we don’t know. We still think we know enough. We need to at least get to that level of consciousness that we don’t know. It happens in politics. Someone will be shouting that Nigeria is not working, the government is killing us. When asked what should be done, he will say, “build infrastructure, empower people, build schools and all”, but does it do it? You import engineers from Germany, get RCC to build bridges, import cell phones and say that you are the fastest growing economy in the world, when you are just the fastest growing consumers. It doesn’t work that way. There has to be an original blueprint to this. I mean, why are we still using the UNICEF curriculum for our schools? Why will the teachers still need to go to Abuja to run training with some white people? Why will the funding of education by foreign people be to your favour in an economic world where one man wants to swallow the other? Why will they want to empower you? Will you empower them if you were in their shoes? Part of this brainwashing is education. When someone else writes your textbooks, takes your language away, writes your curriculum, determines the courses you do, the person has kneecapped you. Instead of getting up your knee, you get money from the same people as funding to reinforce the same pattern that kept you kneecapped. Where are you going with that? We have to define what basic education is. We should list things that, for example, a 10 to 12 year old should be able to do. Say, he should be able to know a certain level of mathematics, measurement, reading, and more. In Russia, they decided they needed 1,500 nuclear engineers, and they had to train their people. They tell you to learn this and tell you what you will gain. If you say no, you go to the farm.

The Chinese made their prisoners work; the American said it was bad; the Chinese said they would not put someone in prison and just feed them. They have to work and earn their welfare. They knew what they want. America can say whatever they like for all they cared. We have to open our eyes. If there’s a next level of tech, it’s psi. Nothing that has come before will match it. When it comes to this, those that have won will not win again. We should know that we can’t out-Intel Intel, we can’t out-Facebook Facebook, but there’s a field that if we can study and breakthrough in it, we have changed the entire narrative. If I can come to UN meeting and make you say what I want, and when you send a jet to come bomb here and I can simply make it change its coordinates and bomb elsewhere, I have the power. All the military might is rubbish. We have to understand and accept this as a theoretical possibility first before anything else. And our culture is rooted in this type of science because we have the interconnection needed that they don’t have.

Somewhere in your book you said there was a time when science, magic and alchemy co-existed. This science you are talking about that the Africans are rooted in, is it magic? That’s the point. Is the remote control you use to turn on your television science or magic? Magic is a science you don’t know. To the dibia in the village he has no clue how people are talking on a radio. To him that is magic. But when the same dibia pins a masquerade to a spot, to you who don’t know what he’s done, it’s magic. The ancient minds categorized this into two: inferior virtues and superior virtues. The inferior virtue refers to mechanical arts and sciences, while the superior virtue has to do with the ability of focusing this living energy into work, has to do with the psi and the psychic. It’s not on the same level as turning on a radio and other little things.

What would you say is the way to go with this to get a structure out of this? There has to be a group(s) saddled with the mission of researching, working and understanding this high science in a practical way, just like it’s not just anybody that builds nuclear weapons. The government has to constitute groups to research this, just like they have secret labs in other countries working on psi. I doubt the government can really do it. It has to be individually driven, a push from within to work on it, to dedicate oneself or a team to the course. There has to be a group of common minds, classified possibly, working on understanding the complexities of the psi and also the present economy and why it isn’t working. Think about bitcoin, the Asians have always been frustrated about how the Americans control everything with the dollar. Crypto coins are not new. They have always been there in games, but when the Satoshi group designed it better and got a secured algorithm on which it works, everyone thought it was a joke, but look at where bitcoin is today. Everyone thought it’s not possible, but some people understood the game and kept working on it, remaining anonymous until they got it right. You have to remain anonymous to get it right.

We need to start making some hard decisions as a people. For example if you decide that as a people the way is to stop Brazilian hair and these synthetic hairs, the country will save not less than three billion dollars a year. You can imagine such a surplus from a decision. It’s not yet about manufacturing, first cut down on the consumption level. For example, if the government says every car to come into this country cannot be more than 1.8 liter engine. Four cylinder cars can go to hell, reducing fuel consumption. The four cylinder cars consume too much fuel, are too heavy and useless. You talk about Biafra, but first, let’s remove the reference to local government areas, so anyone from any part of the East can work anywhere, buy houses and lands easily and live anywhere without being reminded that he’s not a native of that place. We have to create this unity first. We have to go to the bottom of this. That’s how you deal with a problem. When it comes to Africa recovering from science, you talk about psi. Looking at these mechanics, electricity, and others, you can’t build on someone else’s platform. We can’t build our innovation on Intel, Amazon, Facebook and others. There has to be a total overhauling. There has to be a new basis on which you can grow. Before the war started, the Russian president ordered that his presidential car be made by Russians from beginning to the end.

The car was built by Russians exclusively. There’s a pattern. You won’t see an American president driving Mercedes; a French president doesn’t drive an American car. Before you are selected as a part of the team to build the American presidential vehicle, you have to have a security clearance up to level six. Here, a president emerges and they send someone to buy a Mercedes or a bullet proof car for the president, and he sits in it and discusses the policies and the secrecy of the country. Foreigners should not build your presidential vehicle. Your people should build it. In other places, the people understand these things. You wonder why do the Africans not understand it? There should be a group, a team to do this. Al-Qaeda and drug dealers can do it, not to mention a country.

These folks don’t use the phones you know in running their businesses. The highest they use are satellite phones. You can’t bounce their calls or trace it to anyone. With this, do you think that health liberation in Africa is tied to the elements, energy and practices of the shamans, the dibia, and the rainmaker? Growing up, my great grandparents were shamans. When we had malaria, my grandmother would get neem leaves, mango leaves, pawpaw leaves and other herbs and cook them together, then get us all covered against the steam coming out it, until we sweat so much, then drink some of the water. One thing I remember is, after that you don’t have malaria for at least two years. What I have seen is that pharmacology is a commercial venture, with billions of dollars tied to it. It’s about business. Sometimes the greed for money and Westernization overrides us, and almost compromises our immune system that we become dependent on the drugs. If malaria was killing Africans back then the way it’s said, no one would have had up to ten million slaves to take to the West.

Back in the days, malaria was just an issue to take care of by the side, and not a thing to panic about at all. As you keep taking the herb treatment, you see your body build immunity to it, and as you get older, the immunity gets stronger and you have malaria less often, and sometimes it just disappears. Our people know this. Now, how can you explain that a people chose bitter leaf to eat? All things being equal, would you choose something this bitter to eat? But our people discovered this hundreds of years ago. It was only a few years ago that the Americans confirmed that bitter leaf was a cure for insulin deficiency. Since we are studying now, is there any new leaf that our people studying food science and food processing have provided us for cooking? All we still have are the ones our ancient folks discovered for us. No one has discovered a new leaf in the bush to add to our cuisine. Why won’t you respect our ancestors and see that they must have been on a different level than us to have discovered that? See, bitter leaf, ukpaka, ogiri, and a lot more, how do you explain ogiri?How did our forefathers learn to process cassava and remove the cyanide? They didn’t know anything about chemistry. There’s something about us we are losing that we can’t get by just studying chemistry. We have to discover it our own way. We have to go back to our culture to research this. If this traditional treatment can do this, then it can guarantee total immunity to malaria? This whole talk about total immunity to malaria is a Western thought. What is wrong with having malaria if the cure is next door? Someone says if the snakes are biting us, let’s kill off all the snakes. But that’s not necessary, you don’t know what the snakes are carrying in their body, microbes or so, that balances the ecosystem. The Igbo say let the eagle perch and the kite perch. The issue is sometimes when you try to remove a thing, a problem completely, you create another problem.

If people have lived centuries with this, and it’s never a threat, then why now? All we need to do is find the most efficient way to deal with it, and not necessarily to remove it. Removing it would make you begin to use some chemical, or spraying some things in the environment that may alter things in the ecosystem. It may cause a new problem, say cancer. The idea of overcoming nature with our intelligence doesn’t work because nature is far more advanced than your intelligence. Everything that exists in nature has a purpose, whether you know it or not. You can’t say remove all vultures because you don’t like them. We have almost killed ourselves with this Western medication and thought process. When I tell my friend that I am drinking herbs made with neem leaves, guava leaves and all, they say, “oh, you will damage your kidney, you will kill yourself, go for test and all that.” But that’s not true. I have seen this work first hand. Everyone is praising the American hospitals about how efficient they are, but the thing is, if it’s actually working, why did they have more hospitals and more sick persons with sophisticated illnesses? If it’s actually efficient, they should have less sick people. People don’t ask themselves this. There are more sick people abroad than here, even with our inefficiencies. They want to play god and control everything. They create a problem in the process, and create a technology to counter it, which creates a new problem that would need a new technology to counter.

They create electric cars and say they are more efficient, but the electric cars are no different. You put a battery in your car, then what? Now go to where the batteries are made, they dig and destroy the earth, pour dangerous chemicals while looking for lithium and other elements to make the battery with. They will have a problem recycling the battery. And you charge the battery with electricity which has a fossil fuel. And even plants where you build the electric cars are powered by fossil fuel electricity. They say it’s eco-friendly, but that’s not true. If you are not on the same level, you won’t see it. The whole thing is all about games? It’s a power game, but the question is, what game is Africa playing? We need to have ours rather than keep needing things from the West, begging or accepting funds and all. You see them offer you scholarships, and you jump on it.

They get your best brains out. If Africa has all the minerals and gets empowered on how to exploit these resources: uranium, gold, lithium and more, it would be a problem for the West. They won’t empower you to produce the goods with your raw materials, which themselves produce with your raw materials and sell to you. If they do, they have shot themselves in the leg. America, Russia and China may be jostling, but they have similar policies on Africa. It has to be a raw material and a consumption zone, not a producing zone. What they do is remove your best brains away from the raw materials where they may begin to think on what to do with them.

Even if they don’t need your best brains, they remove them first from you, away from these minerals. Most of them are given scholarships, sometimes end up as teachers or so. And in almost all the scholarship forms you fill out, you sign that anything you are able to do or achieve is a property of America, so it’s never free. It’s just what companies do too. You sign that anything you get or invent or a patent you get is a property of the company.They follow you up. Once your kid gets five straight A’s in WAEC, you get a letter that a university in the US or so has given a scholarship to the kid and we jump at it. Sometimes you don’t hear of the kid again.

The person, not just the country, doesn’t see it. You ask the person, he will say, “my country doesn’t care about me?” Are you not supposed to be building your country? The Chinese, the Americans and others may call Africa stupid, but deep down they know that intelligence is equally distributed across the world. So, you want to grab a pool of it as much as you can to your advantage. And you just need one man to make a breakthrough and it covers all the cost, just like the venture capitalist. The university should have helped, but our lecturers are mostly Westernized. The university should be a place to fire your zeal to build and cause a certain change in a nation and not a place where you struggle to pass exams. It doesn’t make sense. You shouldn’t be looking for a job, you are supposed to be a creator. We have to begin to understand that the West are not gods.

They are humans, and that no matter the level of advancement in tech, if you can understand the complexity of psi and you are spiritually connected, you can flip the whole thing in a day. When I put up this book on Amazon, after they reviewed it, they pulled it down, saying that it’s not fit for them. I can understand this. That we are complacent with the way of doing things is laziness of the mind. There must be other ways of doing these things that we can discover. We are just not searching or searching enough yet. Ancient Egypt built tombs with lanterns burning for over two thousand years. They only stopped burning when the tombs were opened. Tell me about tech if this isn’t one. That’s to tell you that there’s something we are not doing now; that’s why we are stuck and unable to unravel ourselves in the tech space. You see American archaeologists in Egypt digging up artifacts, looking for knowledge.

They understand that knowledge is power. The diametre and length and days of the earth, the Egyptians already figured them out and carved them on the walls with instructions. We have this idea that this is archaeology and this is science, no, they are connected. While talking in an interview, Larry Page said the techniques the Byzantine monks used to hide information during the persecution era was part of what formed the basis that the Google Search Engine was built. But when we see the archaeologists digging, we think they are just digging rocks. You will see people studying this and you will think they are historians, but they are top tech persons in Silicon Valley.

The main point of knowledge is power, the power to solve problems. Not money. If you are not looking at the accumulation of knowledge as a source of power, that’s the problem. Power gives you independence. The more power you have, the more independent you are. People need to stop thinking that what they need is to just go to school, get the certificate so they can get money. What you need is the knowledge to solve problems which gives you the power that then gives you money. Once you have the power of the knowledge to solve problems, money is a given, nothing can stop it. The young ones tell you school is nonsense, money is the thing, then I ask, what gives you the money? The Python and the Rainmaker is beyond a book, it’s a call to a certain level of consciousness, an epiphany. What are your final words? It has to be an individual thing first. One has to see the need to be conscious of these things first, then think of how to grow oneself into a power source.

We need to collapse it to a person. It’s like turning yourself into a shining ball. It’s like an identity, saying, “I am a black man, don’t reduce me to this, don’t put me here.” We have to reduce our neediness, too, because need is inversely proportional to power. The more you need something, the less power you have. It doesn’t matter if it’s sex or a job, or funds. You need to generate that power from within, generate the capacity to suffer, the capacity to stick with a problem till you solve it. We need a psychological reorientation.

The book is one of the ways I contribute to this. I don’t advertise the book or go to seminars selling it. The solution has to be reduced from a general to a particular, then the units of the ‘particular’ will meet and form a cohesion. If you do it general, politics would likely kill it. Knowledge must be taken seriously. The whites understand the need and power in having knowledge, and how to use it. The West are playing the power game, the question is, what game are we Africans playing? You can reach Ugo Eze through his email: enquries@pythonandtherainmaker.comPublished in Enugu LGA News

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