Testimonies As Healing School Presents Global Miracle Faith Seminar

By Ismail Yusuf

The second Global Miracle Faith Seminar which the Healing School organizes holds this weekend.

According to the media head of the school, Olajide Babasola, the seminar will feature powerful Bible teachings, moments of worship, and testimonies from those who have experienced God’s healing power in the school events and the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris. 

Babasola said,  “The testimonies are already flooding in.”

Deuel Orok, a once-active pilot-in-training, got his intestines accidentally pierced during surgery to treat an appendicitis rupture. 

His diagnosis as a result included an abdominal abscess, a gastrointestinal fistula, and a coma, he said, adding that the several attempts to save his life were unsuccessful. 

But the 30-year-old attended the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris from a hospital ward in Dubai in July 2022 and was miraculously healed despite needing divine intervention. 

Babasola said, “Many participants in previous Global Miracle Faith Seminars have testified of the wonderful healing miracles and strange life transformations that occurred as a result of their involvement.” 

Joe from the Netherlands received divine healing when Reverend Ray was ministering. 

Joe said, “I was resolved to address some difficulties that had arisen in my body before to this program.

“I connected after seeing the notification that the Global Miracle Faith Seminar had started. I acted on the Word as I participated, and my eyes were instantaneously healed. A growth vanished, and other pains were also relieved from my body.”

Online registration continues at www.healingstreams.tv/gmfs.

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