Nigeria @ 62: Buhari Fared Badly In Security – Author

By Adadainfo

A foremost author, Osmond Onuh, Saturday, said President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration had fared badly in ensuring adequate security in the country.

Onuh, a political scientist, told our correspondent in Enugu that it was unfortunate that Buahri, a retired Army General, could not solve the nation’s insecurity despite that it was a singular reason for his election in 2015.

Quoting him, “The insecurity situation under President Muhammad Buhari has assumed unprecedented dimension. The activities of bandits, kidnappers, Boko Haram, ISWAP, could only be thought than imagined. Unfortunately, this is a government that came to power on the promises of tackling insecurity head-on.

“They also promised to handle corruption and revitalize the economy. Today, Nigeria ranks as one of the unsafest countries in the world. In July this year, Abuja, the seat of power, came under attack as gunmen engaged Nigerian soldiers in a gun duel for hours leading to several casualties on both sides.

“Reports showed that bandits want to seize the Aso Rock and turn Nigeria into another Afghanistan. This incidence was happening intermittently with Kuje jail break, the maximum security prison in the Federal Capital Territory. Eventually, while all these things are happening, the government of Muhammadu Buhari is donating vehicles worth N1.4 billion to a neighbouring Niger Republic to stem insecurity in their country.

“This made the citizens believe that Buhari is another Emperor Nero that fiddles while Rome is under fire. The Abuja Kaduna rail attack is still fresh in our memories. While many lost their lives, others negotiated their way out through payment of heavy ransom.

“Across the country, kidnapping for ransom is a very flourishing business, while unknown gunmen are terrorizing every nook and cranny of the country, leaving the citizens to sleep with only one eye closed.”

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