2023: EU Backs PRP’s Barr Okoro To ‘Clean Up Abia State’ As Governor


By Adadainfo

It will be a good omen if the good people of Abia State vote for Barr Nnenna Nma Lancaster-Okoro to ‘clean up the mess in the state’.

The national president of the Eastern Union, Hon Charles Anike, stated this Tuesday in the aftermath of EU’s visit to Barr Okoro, who is the governorship candidate of People’s Redemption Party(PRP) in Abia State ahead of the 2023 elections.

According to Anike, “Abia State has not really tasted the dividends of democracy since this fourth Republic. This is because godfathers of the state are still in control of the affairs of the state.

“All over the World, women’s involvement in politics has been widely encouraged, because they have proven to be more committed to development, and more results-oriented.

“We therefore urge the good people of Abia State to emulate, especially the Anambra State people, that have over the years not only carried their women along but are fronting their women in the political spaces of both the state and national levels.

“This accounts for the rapid development in Anambra. We believe that a woman of the calibre of Barr Okoro would surely make the difference in governance if elected the next governor of Abia State.

“We believe that she will deploy her vast experiences and international exposures to make Abians taste for the first time the dividends of democracy.

“Great men and women of the Abia extraction should reflect on the recent past history of the state, and therefore make bold to join hands to support the candidacy of Barr Nnenna Nmma Lancaster-Okoro, irrespective of party affliations, to usher in a new era of hope and quick recovery.”

He urged people of the South East generally to do away with political godfathers to enthrone pragmatic leadership in the region.

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