Make Your Voices Heard, NAWOJ Tasks Girl Child


By Adadainfo

Parents should imbibe the culture of living aright so that they become role models for their children.

Comrade Ngozi Ngene, chairperson of the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, Enugu State, stated this while speaking with our correspodent in Enugu in commemoration of the 2022 International Day of the Girl Child (IDG) which is celebrated every 11th of October.

According to her, ‘parents play a significant role in the upbringing of the child, hence children becoming a change agents starts from home’.

She said, “I speak on children generally because a well trained male child will not engage in acts detrimental to the girl child. So, we are advocating a holistic home of absolute peace for the betterment of society.”

She called for support of the girl child in all ramifications to enable her to accomplish her life’s aspirations.

In her words, “When you train the girl-child, and support her effectively through her adolescent years, she has the potential to change the world positively.

“I call on the girl child to always uphold her rights. Let your voices be heard to make an even development to the world at large.”

She decried abuses meted to the girl child by ‘some parents, uncles, teachers, pastors and other opportunists’, and called for strigent laws and policies to address such abuses, including compensation for victims.

The theme of this year’s celebration is ‘Our Time Is Now’.

The International Day of the Girl Child is an international observance day declared by the United Nations. It is also called the Day of Girls and the International Day of the Girl.

The observation supports more opportunity for girls and increases awareness of gender inequality faced by girls worldwide based upon their gender. This inequality includes areas such as access to education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, and protection from discrimination, violence against women and forced child marriage.

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