Kanu: “Obey Court Order, 2022 Not 1984,” Buhari Told

By Adadainfo

Contrary to the position of the attorney general of the federation and minister of justice, Mr Abubakar Malami, that releasing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu would aggravate insecurity in the South East, a public affairs analyst says it will rather enthrone peace in the region.

This was the view of Comrade Osmond Onu in an interview with Adadainfo in Awka on Thursday.

He said, “One could recall the genesis of IPOB brouhaha with the Federal Government. It was immediately after Buhari assumed office and his lopsided appointment. S

“Some felt unwanted and that was how IPOB came to be. Ordinary, if Buhari had listened to the voice of wisdom,he wouldn’t have arrested Nnamdi Kanu even in 2015. Many advised Buhari to ignore Kanu and the agitation will die a natural death, but he was bent on teaching Kanu the lesson of his life.

“Unfortunately for Buhari, 2015 or 2022 is no longer 1984. In 1984, he arrested and bundled all the Second Republic politicians and kept them in the gulag using draconian laws, but today, it is the court of law that determines one’s fate.

“But being an autocratic leader, Buhari selects which court order and the one not to obey. This is the clear case of Nnamdi Kanu, a situation where the appeal court has discharged and acquitted him, but President Buhari in his infinite wisdom believes otherwise.

“Unfortunately that is the irony of our democracy where the rule of thumb holds sway as against the rule of law.”

Recall that Court of Appeal, Abuja, on 13th October, 2022 discharged Kanu and ordered his immediate release. But the FG said he was not acquitted.

Kanu is being detained at the custody of the DSS in Abuja over alleged running a proscribed group, jumping bail and treason.

He was renditioned from Kenya to Nigeria last year without due process. A Federal High Court of Umuahia, Wednesday, ordered that Kanu be returned to Kenya, and awarded him N500m in damages.

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