Peace Ambassador Condemns Killings, Burning Of Property In Southeast

By Adadainfo

Comrade Chidubem Ogbenna, coordinator, Imo State Peace Movement, Wednesday, decried the anti-social activities currently ravaging many parts of South-East parts of Nigeria.

Our correspodent reports that there are increasing cases of killings, kidnappings, burning of property and violence in the zone.

Ogbenna, who spoke in Onitsha, described the killing of innocent persons of late, including the elder brother of Nollywood star Osita Iheme, a police officer, as well as burning of an INEC office in Imo State by unknown men as anti-Igbo core values.

According to him, “As one who leads a peaceful movement in Imo State, that’s not what Mazi Nnamdi Kalu wants for his people.

“Kalu has earlier spoken through his lawyer to put a stop to Monday sit-at-home so that masses can go about their businesses for daily bread on Mondays, knowing how hard things are right now in our country.

“Southeast cannot get Biafra by killing their own brothers and sisters. Who then will be Biafrans if we all are being killed? Let’s embrace peace please.

“There is no way to achieve good goals without peace in the land. Security personnel that are being killed are our brothers and sisters. If you kill all the security agents in the state, who will then secure the society, communities, property and our elderly parents?

“If we cause a war by ourselves in Igbo land, we will only lose our people, property and all we represent as people but if we use peaceful dialogues, we can achieve what we want.

“Besides, there is no way we can have independence without a government to declare and sign. No country in the world got real independence without a roundtable dialogue.

“How can one think of bringing down the government where his own brothers and sisters are still working to bring a new government? It will result in only blood shed but if it’s by political miens, everyone can sit and achieve everything in peace which is what Nnamdi Kanu wants, not fight.

“Any part of the world that lives without laws and order, such a state or nation will only be in darkness, lawlessness, misery and poverty, so what is happening in Imo State and the whole southern zone is not helping us at all.

“When you keep killing your own people, remember that one day, the land itself will kill you.”

Ogbenna called for concerted efforts towards the restoration of peace in South East. According to him, “That is how we can get the real victory not by killing our own people. We need to understand that if the present day government doesn’t agree with what we are demanding, we can then wait and pray; then vote for another government who will agree to what we want in short time.”

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