Ndi Enugu And Imperative Of Frank Nweke Jr At Lion Building Come 2023


By Ugochukwu Mba

The foregoing was clearly stated earlier. However, a rehash is necessary given the exigencies of the present time. We are all aware of the perennial threats our people are facing outside the homeland. There have been threats of eviction and there have been threats of dumping of people into the Atlantic Ocean.

Periodically shops are burnt out there. Those shops belong to traders and we know our people are traders. Therefore, we need, as a matter of urgent necessity, a conducive environment for our people to live, invest and thrive here at home. But such an environment can only be guaranteed by a visionary leadership.

It is heartwarming that such visionary leadership is afoot in Enugu State as Frank Nweke Jr offers himself to serve armed with vast experience and exposure from years of meritorious services at different levels of government. He also brings to the table impeccable records of integrity, honesty, discipline, humility, humanity and other marks of visionary leadership.

Frank Nweke Jr’s pact as governor with Ndi Enugu is clear direct and to the point:

“My team and I will restore trust in government and dedicate ourselves to the fundamentals – building a stable and prosperous state where every citizen is economically empowered, has access to potable water, excellent healthcare and quality education, a place where every life is secure and treated with respect and dignity.”

Nweke is a protégé of the legendary Venerable M.I Okpara of the former Eastern Region. The unassuming professor is of the people’s political platform, the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), that moulded the trail-blazing Peter Obi, then governor of Anambra State. APGA, our own ‘Nkea bu nkanyi’, is a homegrown people’s party that breeds people-oriented leaders – leaders who love and understand our people; leaders who want to truly serve our people.

The people’s authentic political movement, APGA, which started its journey in recent times from Anambra State to restore our dignity and pride as a people once more, is taking roots in Enugu State with Nweke Jr. as its governorship standard-beare. With its culture of enthroning visionary leaders who are from the people and for the people, APGA will make a full circle of the entire old Eastern rlRegion and even beyond in due course.

It is hope-alive in Enugu State with the professor, high achiever, Frank Nweke Jr. His success at the polls come 2023 will guarantee a safe and conducive environment for our people to come back, invest, work and live a descent life here at home. It will be a victory for Ndi Enugu, and a sure step towards realizing the vision of our heroes past for the people of the entire old Eastern region.

Mbah wrote from Enugu

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