S’East Governors ‘Real Problems Of Ndigbo’, Not Hausa/Fulani


By Igboayaka O. Igboayaka

The cancellation of the Southeast railway project happened quietly, yet no governor, senator, Federal House Representatives members, state House of Assembly members, ministers from Southeast and other political office-holders questioned the federal government on this deliberate marginalization and injustice.

Southeast leaders are political looters and criminal-minded people who care only for their pockets. Ndigbo have a bunch of political sons and daughters who hang in Abuja looking for contracts to enrich themselves.

These political cartels in Southeast have regrettably made it possible for uninformed Igbo youths to believe that Hausa/Fulani or Nigeria is the only people marginalizing Ndigbo.

Governors from Southeast, over the years, have been embezzling local government allocations with impunity.

It’s quiet unspeakable that we have common criminals at the seats of power who blow sirens here and there; good for nothing men and women that specialize in converting public funds into their personnel account.

With the extant political and economic backwardness, insecurity ravaging the Southeast, Ndigbo must, therefore, learn and begin to compel their leaders to account for the funds and appointments given to them by the federal government for Ndigbo.

We must desist from getting antagonistic with Hausa/Fulani or federal government on what we have been deprived of.


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