Chidoka Urges Youths To ‘Explore Before Opportunities Narrow’


By Adadainfo

For aviation minister Osita Chidoka weekend advised Nigerian youths not to waste their times on frivolities but ‘read, learn, explore, and apply yourself to any chosen course ruthlessly’.

Chidoka, in his Facebook post, made an analogy between his youthful age and his present stage, and regretted that he did not utilise his chances optimally.

He posted, “When I was growing up my father made me memorise this quotation from William Shakespeare: ‘Had I but served my God with half the zeal I served my King, He would not in mine age have left me naked to mine enemies’.”

Continuing, he said, “This quote made little impression on my young mind then. Today, as I struglled to run 8km this morning I remembered the quote and applied it to my situation.

“Had I exercised in my 20s and 30s (the Golden Decade) with half the zeal I exercise now, I would have been in a lot better physical shape, and fitness level.

“As we grow older, regrets leap to the fore, had I known become a regular refrain and a sad reminder of missed opportunities, of roads not taken, and of possibilities not explored.

“My advice to my young friends and followers: make use of your golden decade. Read, learn, explore, and apply yourself to any chosen course ruthlessly.

“Once you pass the golden decades of the 20s and 30s, opportunities narrow, choices are limited and effort may no longer yield stellar results.

“Young men and women, wake up, focus, act, learn and grow. Become good at one thing, if possible two, so that at 50 you will not say ‘Had I…’

“My friends no time to waste. You must set forth at Dawn……time is now. I ended the 8km run in 49 mins, drank a lot of water and a cup of black coffee, no sugar, and no milk. Took a bath, wrote this post, and heading back to bed to sleep.

“My watch said I slept on average 4hours this week. Not good. I will recover the sleep this weekend. All social engagements are cancelled. My rest is a priority so is my health. Prioritise your physical and mental health always.”


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