Presidential election 2023: the die is cast ~ by Dr. Ray Onwuelo

Nigeria has strayed so much from a state of sustainability by the current ruling class inadvertently or deliberately. The promises of basic facilities, development and prosperity have retrogressed way below naught. The hopes of the masses have remained unachieved, worsening and continuously so. Nigerians are despondent and helpless. All institutions and families are so badly touched. We are all in a quagmire screaming for deliverance.

The career politicians in the guise of leaders have perfected the act of dealing with the people to such an extent that there is continuance of their strong hold on power.

The tension between the desires of the masses and the grabs of these leaders have always swung in favour of those few in power leading to perpetration of the status quo. It is a game that the political class has perfected well. The Nigerian variant at the presidential elections is a model of special complex imputations.

At the centre of this is high level deceits fuelled by widened corruption and ruthless interests. The rest of us Nigerians are both the tools and victims in this treacherous game of inescapable attack. The resultant suffering is of such proportion and without any relief in sight that we all resign to our fate as ordained by our creator.

The moment Mr. Peter Obi extricated himself and declared to aspire to the highest political position independent of these power brokers, the masses saw a viable alternative in the making. Some were of the opinion that those ruling class will not allow him to emerge. Some insisted that it is impossible for him to be a force. Some swore it is not yet time for people like him. These so-called leaders wrote him off as a paper weight and concluded that his candidacy is dead on arrival. The momentum of the Obi movement that followed came as a shock to them.

But they did not really know Mr. Obi.

Those who know him well urged him on, praying he steps into the ring but he was cautious, consulting and calculating. They know how very good he is. They know he has done it before in many positions of authority including the eight years he was governor of Anambra state.

He knows those high level career politicians and their styles. He knows their games. He is aware of the forces in play and the various ways to put out anyone considered a threat to them. It was imperative he doesn’t fall an easy prey. Eventually he pitched.

From the moment the decision was made and he picked the presidential ticket under Labour Party last year, it automatically became a journey of no return. Those who know his strength of character, his resilience in the face of challenges, his courage and determination in any pursuit were sure that the ‘die was cast’.

Obi will go all out, the Presidency a shot within reach. It would not be an ordinary task. It is not for the faint hearted. He knew what it will take and he has it.

He had nothing incriminating in his closet. There was no easy way to nail him out. He is open, prudent, capable and successful. He is not the ideal candidate that both the electorate and the power brokers are used to.

He was coming with a different narrative. One that resonates well with the masses and addresses the problems in the country. Obi went the entire length and breadth of the country preaching his message of a New Nigeria.

He wanted a real change in the status quo. He spoke about the criminalities going on in government and how to tackle them. He begged for forgiveness and tolerance on all front and prayed for dialogue and engagement. He set out how to secure the country and improve the economy.

He told us how he will make Nigeria great again so that we will be proud of our country once more.

He demonstrated to us how to deal with the many monsters that are holding us back from development. He gave us hope and reminded us to hold him accountable at every stage. He was eager to visit and speak to anyone that cares to listen to him.

With a few days to the presidential polls, it has become obvious that Mr. Peter Obi of Labour Party, the underdog in this election, is at the lead in the race to Aso rock.

The stone that was once rejected has become the chosen one. Coincidentally he is popularly called “OKWUTE”, meaning the corner stone.

I have closely followed the campaign of the three leading parties. I have been to all the 36 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory in the last five months.

I concentrated on the 19 northern states with emphasis on 11 of them. I work with an organisation known as ‘DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP’. I met and spoke to ordinary Nigeria in all the geopolitical zones. I saw and felt the hardship and problems. We learnt a lot about the diversity of the country, the endowments and beauty of Nigeria. We saw the strength of unity in our divergences.

We interacted with the multitudes of our people who are tired and many hopeless. The change they were promised few years ago drove them to more poverty. They yearn for Mr. Peter Obi and his Labour Party for deliverance.

I urge every one of us to make out time on Saturday morning 25th Feb 2023, go to our various polling stations, vote for a candidate of our choice and safeguard our votes.

Please make every effort to vote. There is so much hardship in the country and it is left for us to decide through our votes who we want to lead us in the coming years. I do not have to attempt at this stage to convince you who to vote for because I know you will also wish a better Nigeria.

Nothing but the best of the lot, who is Mr. Peter OBI of LABOUR PARTY is good enough.

Long Live Nigeria. May God help us.

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