Revealed: Simon Ekpa Is Ex-Soldier, Elected Politician In Finland


By Adadainfo

Last night, the Finnish police released Ekpa, hours after he was arrested and grilled.

The Finnish Central Criminal Police confirmed Ekpa’s release on Thursday, according to HS reports.

While Nigerians are shocked over the quick release of Simon Ekpa shortly after his arrest by the Finnish authorities, a source in Finland said that Ikpa may have been released so fast because he is a Finnish citizen by naturalization and is also married to a Finnish woman with whom he has raised three children.

The source also revealed that Ekpa has a PhD in Law and speaks the Finnish language fluently, adding that Ekpa also served in the Finnish military and is thus politically connected.

According to the source, presently he is an elected government official in Finland, holding the position of an equivalent to vice chairman of a local government area in Nigeria.

“He is a local Lahti city councillor, representing the National Coalition Party in Finland,” said the source.

The source warned that the Finnish authorities may not do much in helping Nigeria to rein him in, because as far as the Finnish government is concerned, Ekpa was yet to violate the country’s law and thus is seen as a law-abiding citizen.

The source, who is a Nigerian living in Finland, said the only way that Finland will take the matter seriously is for the Nigerian government to send the Finnish Ambassador in Nigeria back to her country until Ekpa is arrested and prosecuted in Finland or sent back to Nigeria to face charges of terrorism and instigating the killings of innocent Nigerians in the name of the struggle for the actualization of Biafra.

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