ECOWAS Tasked To Forcibly Restore Civil Rule In Niger


By Adadareporters

The Economic Community of West African States should forcibly dislodge the coupists in Niger Republic and restore the country’s democratically elected government.

Our correspondent reports that Niger’s elected president, Mohamed Bazoum, was overthrown by the country’s presidential guards.
President Bazoum was the first elected leader to succeed another in Niger since independence in 1960. After his overthrow, his captors suspended the country’s constitution and installed Gen Abdourahmane Tchiani as head of state.


Dr Ambrose Igboke, president, Public Affairs Analysts of Nigeria, Enugu State chapter, in a chat with newsmen, said the military regime in Niger is illegitimate, hence should not be allowed to remain.

According to him, “Coups in Africa have been entrenched since the 1960s. The military has proven to be no better than civilians in governance, so there is no excuse for coups.

“The current coup in Niger should not just end with diplomatic/economic sanctions, travel bans or talking tough. I recommend that ECOWAS lead a military force to remove the coup plotters. This will send a serious warning to everyone.

“Niger is too strategic to be left to a motley of power hungry soldiers. The war against terrorism in the sub-region is anchored in that country. A disruption in Niger is a grave security implication for war against terrorism in West Africa.

“Nigeria and the rest of Africa cannot add refugees to their current economic troubles. ECOWAS should wake up, forcibly remove the coupists and restore the civilian president.”

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