Teenager Reveals How Mysterious Voices Inspire His Songs

Ever heard about a teen learning how to sing from invisible forces, or precisely elemental beings!

While some may give it any interpretation, Chukwuka Prosper Chisom, from Imilike in Udenu local government area of Enugu State, is a case study. He is just nine years old. He released his first album at the age of seven.

“I would go to the Chapel, and voices will start singing to me,” narrates the pupil of Good Shepherd, Edem.

“While the voices sing, I will chorus their songs, and my mother will be recording my voices. After that, I study the records, and then compose my music from that. I started singing in 2020.”

On whether his mother too hears the mysterious songs, Chisom said, “My mother won’t be hearing it; she only records what I recite from what I hear.”

The lad said he loves only Christian songs because of what God does for him, including saving him from the hands of enemies. In his words, “I sing only Christian music. I like God because He solves all my problems. People can be jealous.”

He recalls that at times, people would give him money to appreciate his talents, only for him to start experiencing reactions, including hotness of his palms.

Quoting him, “After touching such money, my hand will start reacting. So God has been saving me from such enemies. It is not everybody anyway. At times my hands will become very hot. If I have that kind of problem, I pray to God to save me. That’s why I continue to sing to please my God.”

At the age of nine, the talented singer says he will like to be a professional gospel singer: “I want to be a musician in my life. If I become a musician, my role will be to tell the world that God is great. I want to follow God all my life because He solves all my problems.

“I like Gozie Okeke because he sings to my soul. I also like Fr Ejike Mbaka’s songs. I like all his songs.”

On the build-up and period it takes him to compose a song, he said, “I usually take my music to the church. The choristers will sing the chorus for me. After the chorus, I sing the songs. The chorus is the same one I heard and recorded at the Chapel. It does not take me a long time because I only recite what the voices sing to me.”

Source: Enugu LGA News

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