I’ll Be Glad To Have Female As Vice President – Kwankwaso

By Adadareporters

The presidential candidate of the New Nigerian Peoples Party, Alhaji Rabiu Kwankwaso, Sunday, said he would cherish to have a female as his running mate in the 2023 general elections.

Kwankwaso, in an interview with the NTA, monitored by Adadareporters, said his administration as governor of Kano State encouraged women to get involved in politics.

He said, “I’m happy with the emergence of women as candidates of some political parties. We at NNPP are making efforts to get more women into the system. I will be very happy if I have a lady who is interested as my running mate. Women are very key.

“As governor of Kano State, we took the education of women very seriously. We sponsored their education free of charge. I will be happy to have a female running mate.”

He said the formation of the NNPP became necessary because of failed governance in the country. He described both PDP and APC as lacking ideologies.

In his words, “The Peoles Democratic Party was formed collectively to kick out the military. People with different ideologies formed it.

“I realised later that there were many people who should not be under one umbrella. We have people who believe that the treasury should be shared. But we believe that it is for the public.

“When progressives came up, we thought it was the solution. We joined the All Progressives Congress, APC. But when the government started in 2015, it became clear that it was not what we thought.

“When I returned to the PDP, it was worse than we left it. That’s why we decided to form NNPP.”

He said his emergence as the candidate of NNPP did not involve vote buying as experienced in other primaries.

He said, “Our party gave close to nothing. We protect our integrity. That is why we are here. I was disappointed over the amount of money politicians are pumping around. You can imagine what they will do when they get the power.

“People are being purchased like animals. Some pay 20, 000 dollars. It is a lot of money. Anybody who will make such investment will always recoup it if he wins. In NNPP, we rely so much on integrity.”

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