“If Muslim-Muslim Ticket Will Ensure Victory, Who Are We To Dictate Otherwise?”

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Against calls by concerned Nigerians for Muslim-Christian presidential tickets in the 2023 general elections, a faithful of the All Progressives Congress, Mohammed Adamu, says a political party should determine the formula that can work for it.


Mr Adamu, on his Facebook page, stated that, “Democracy is rules-governed. It is not regulated by sentiments. Every political party has a constitutional right to decide what’s best for it! If the party believes that it can only win with a Muslim-Muslim ticket, who are we, non-members, to dictate to it otherwise? Why must we insist that it must go for a ticket that it does not believe can win the trophy?

“I hear many who are pro-Muslim-Christian ticket say that a Muslim-Muslim ticket is dead on arrival. Why don’t we allow it to fail on its own? Why insist that it must not be conceived when you are sure that if it is conceived it cannot fly? Or is it that you fear that it will or may work?

“If you do not like a Muslim-Muslim ticket, do not vote a Muslim-Muslim ticket! The PDP and virtually all the other political parties are going to present Muslim-Christian tickets. Since you are more an advocate of religious balance than you are of the democratic right of choice, why don’t you vote for the party that best represents your inclination?

“Even I do not like a Muslim-Muslim ticket. But I still want APC to win. That’s my democratic right of choice. And if only a Muslim-Muslim ticket can give it victory in the circumstances, it is my decision to make!

“But you do not brazenly discountenance all the apprehensions, especially of a political party that you do not support, or that maybe you even dislike, and still insist that it must conduct itself in a particular way whether or not that way leads to meeting its legitimate democratic objective! We should desist from pretending to be democratic while our every thought and action suffocate it!”

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