Enugu Drivers Quitting Job Due To High Cost Of Diesel

By Uchenna Odo

Many commercial drivers using diesel are quitting their driving career due to the high cost of the commodity, Adadareporters gathered on Thursday.

Our correspondent who visited Garriki in Enugu metropolis saw many commercial drivers at the park contemplating quitting the job because they could not break even.

A driver, who identified himself as Uchenna, told Adadareporters that the situation was getting out of hand. He therefore called on the concerned authorities to adopt policies to ameliorate the situation, otherwise, many of them would be thrown into the labour market.

He said, “It started from N250 to N350, and continued skyrocketing. I bought it at N820 yesterday. You never know what they will sell today.

“From Garriki to Holy Ghost bus stop which was N70 is now N100. It should be higher, but we don’t have options.

“Many drivers are droping their vehicles because they can’t cover the expenses after the work. Enugu is mainly for civil servants. There is a way you will increase transport money and many of them will start finding it difficult to go work.”

Another driver, Ogbuehi, narrated his own ordeal. He said the situation was worrisome.

In his words, “The high cost of diesel is caused by lorries that carry foodstuffs from place to place. Many companies use diesel for their operations, thereby jerking the prices up.

“Independent marketers are also contributing to the harrowing experiences. No regulations. They can fix prices according to their wishes, sometimes their metres are not complete.”

A bus conductor said, “Yesterday, after suffering from morning to evening, we were able to get N19, 000. We bought diesel worth N17, 000, remaining N2, 000.

“The driver gave me N200 because he is the owner of the bus. What am I doing with N200 and I have a wife and children?”

Efforts are on to hear from the regulatory agencies to ascertain the causes of the increasing cost of diesel in the country.

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