Craze For Wealth Bane Of Igbo Politics – Prof Edward Ugwu

By Adadareporter

The cause of political misfortunes of Ndigbo is their political leaders’ craze for wealth, Prof Edward Ugwu told our correspondent Wednesday.

Ugwu, a professor of publication administration, was reacting to the dismal performances at the just-concluded primaries of the PDP and APC, where no Igbo aspirants emerged presidential candidates.

He said, “Our leaders are corrupt. Things are going haywires, and they don’t care. What they care is about themselves and their pockets. They promise I will give you this and that, but once they get there, they mind their pockets. This is the same money that they are supposed to give to workers and develop their domains. How many governors pay minimum in South East? This is applicable to the entire nation.”

He also faulted the process that produced both presidential candidates of the PDP and APC. According to him, “Our leaders nowadays don’t have regards for human beings. The recent concluded search for who will be presidential candidates answered the question.

“What is Asiwaju Bola Tinubu coming to do in politics instead of staying by the side and be an adviser to the young ones? He is an old man. He has done many things in politics: he put in IBB, he was instrumental to all the decisions taken by the military to get Abiola off the root, pretending that he was trying to bring democracy. Today, at the age 80 plus, he is aspiring to be the president of Nigeria.

“Democracy has been totally buried in Nigeria. In a typical electoral process, contestants should be straightforward with voters, but in Nigeria today, you bribe the voters with money. So you buy votes instead of allowing people to make their decisions in the process.”

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