Ekweremadu Didn’t Traffic Minor, Followed Due Process, Facts Emerge

By Adadareporters

Facts emerged Thursday evening indicating that Sen Ike Ekweremadu duly applied to travel with the boy he was alleged to have trafficked to the UK.

The Metro Police arrested Sen Ekweremadu and his wife, Beatrice, and charged them to court for an ‘alleged organ harvest deal’.

However, Ekweremadu’s application for the trip showed that it was a medical trip, and the alleged boy is actually 21 years old.

The document seen by Peoples Gazette showed Mr Ekweremadu applied for visa for David Ukpo on December 28, 2021.

The application read, “I am writing in support of the visa application made by Mr Ukpo Nwamini David who is currently having medical investigations for a kidney donation to Ms Sonia Ekweremadu.

“David and Sonia will be at the Royal Free Hospital London, and I will be providing the necessary funding. I have enclosed a statement of my bank account.”

Meanwhile, a journalist, Ikem Okuhu, provided the other side of the story.

According to him, as quoted by theNewscentre, “Ike Ekweremadu wasn’t involved in any organ trafficking; he has a daughter who needs a transplant.

“A willing donor was seen in Nigeria and travel preparations were made. Ike Ekweremadu did write to the British High Commission, explaining the situation.

“The donor travelled to the UK with the patient. The donor is a 21-year-old-man and not a girl as many are writing.

“He is not a minor. As it happened, the organ did not even match. Not wanting to return to Nigeria, the donor went to report that he was trafficked to London for possible organ harvest, believing same would guarantee him asylum.

“That’s the other perspective. I will update as I obtain more information.”

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