We Mustn’t Follow [Obi] Blindly Where There’s No Road, Igbo Youth Leader Advises

By Adadareporters

Greg Nwadike, a youth leader in South East, Thursday, advised Ndigbo to be strategic in their voting in the 2023 presidential election so they would know where rains start to beat them.

Nwadike on a Facebook page described Peter Obi, Labour Party’s presidential candidate, as ‘our brother….very good material to take over from Atiku after his only four years’.

Nwadike expressed ‘love’ for Mr Obi’s remarks, but cautioned that, ‘we must not follow him blindly to where there’s no road’.

According to him, “Our people must be strategic in political thinking… Planning from our heads, not from our hearts.

In 2015, we played from our hearts as we shouted ‘Jonathan is our brother! Jonathan is our brother!’ At the end, votes from the North were being thrown in like bombs. We lost.

“In 2019 we played from our hearts and showed our acute hatred for the old man in Aso Rock as if we were in war. At the end, we are today in our sixth year confinement as a “5% Dot Nation” without political relevance.

“The owl is again crying at night. Politics is scheming and counter scheming. Woo your opponents to join you, not insulting, threatening and fighting them. You only earn your candidate more hatred when you do these stupidities here.

“If you make me fear that I wouldn’t have a say when you come into power, I will have no option than to make sure that you don’t come into power. And the more you build more of me as your opponents, the least chances your candidate has to victory. Use your brains.

“I have long learnt to play this game from my head. My many years of being emotional only caused me HBP. I have also learnt to build bridges, than enemies.

“I have learnt that there are more to the Nigerian elections than organizing rallies, threatening and insulting opponents on the social media, and/or even calling me names after reading this piece. Nigeria has 36 states, not five.

“To my own brothers, you only need to remember that your opponents are not fools. We just have to find the shorter route to our destination. In this battle, we must leave some rooms for reconciliation.

“Let’s be ATIKUlate!”

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