Kanu’s Detention Causing Hardship, Grant Him Bail – Enugu Resídents Beg Court

By Uchenna Odo

As Nnamdi Kanu appears at an FCT High Court today, some residents of Enugu are of the opinion that the continued denial of his bail through legal complexities is politically motivated.

Kanu is the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra. He is being tried over alleged running of a proscribed group, treason and jumping bail.

Congo Nwali, a businessman, said Tuesday’s trial would not be different from the previous cases.

According to him, “They will still adjourn it. I’m of the opinion that the body language of the federal government is to hold him till after elections

“Nnamdi Kanu has large followers. If he comes out and does any broadcast, people will follow him, thereby causing more problems to the federal government. They may be thinking that he may call for the boycott of elections.

“For them, keeping him incommunicado is a relative peace, but I differ from that because his arrest has caused a lot of havoc in Igbo land.”

A POS operator and Kanu’s faithful, on condition of anonymity, said, “Do you think that the court will have the guts to give true judgment about Nnamdi Kanu? The influence of the executive will not allow the judge to do the right thing.

“I’m of the opinion that a political solution is the answer. Court judgement will not solve this case. If care is not taking, they will do one abracadabra and adjourn the case as usual.

“There should be more negotiations with the federal government so that they will grant him state pardon. Minus God’s intervention, I don’t see Nnamdi Kanu being released before elections.”

A political analyst in Enugu, who preferred anonymity, said, “It will be a miracle of the century if the federal government releases him. Politicians will like him to be in detention because of his large influences.

“I urge them to reconsider their stand and enter into negotiations with him. There is no problem that has no solutions.

“This case came up because there is a high level of marginalization of the Igbo nation in Nigeria, especially by this present government.

“If equity and justice is a panacea for governance in Nigeria, these ugly things will not be happening.”

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