War In Ukraine And Law Of Unintended Consequences

By Don Domnic

The danger posed by the hostilities in Ukraine is growing by the day.

Adadareporters reported last month how the price of fertilizer has gone up in Nigeria, no thanks to the war. The cost of food production is also on the rise.

The World Food Program (WFP) also warned about the consequences of the war on the food supply chain and by extension food security.

In Somalia, drought has displaced over 800 people. According to a report by Clarissa Ward, the international correspondent of the CNN, 1.5 million children aged below five years are malnourished.

Last week, the Turkish government and Russia talked about a safe corridor for food export from Ukraine and Russia. A lot still needs to be done to assist the displaced persons in Somalia.

It is high time the African Union (AU) threw her weight behind negotiations that would allow food to reach the people already suffering from hunger and its attendant malnourishment as a result of the War.

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