Man Goes Besert At Enugu Catholic Church

By Uchenna Odo

A yet-to-be-identified man, Wednesday, caused stampede at Holy Ghost Cathedral, Enugu.

While the cause of his ‘madness’ could not be ascertained, passersby claimed he ‘took mkpuru miri’.

A fruit seller told our correspondent that, “The young man does currency exchange
at Owerre Road in Enugu. I think his action is a result of a hard drug.”

AR UPDATES was told that the young man ‘ran helter-skelter, rushed inside the Chapel at the Holy Ghost Cathedral, shouting ‘I’m not a thief, please don’t kill me’.

“The pandemonium made everybody leave the prayer premises for safety,” an eye witness said.

Our correspondent gathered that even the intervention of a priest to bring the situation under control did not help matters.

“The stature of the young man made it difficult for people to control him, including the priest’s pleas,” a groundnut seller said.

The situation was controlled with the intervention of operatives of the men of the Nigeria Police from the Central Police Station (CPS), Enugu.

His ally, on condition of anonymity, said, “He took mkpurummiri. He was lured by friends and he took it too much.

“This man you see is a big man with a wife and children, but misbehaves sometimes.

“Mkpurummiri was found in his hotel room. Nothing is wrong with him. If he gets his senses back, he will become a normal human being.”

Mkpulu Mmiri is the Igbo slang for Methamphetamine or Crystal Meth, a very dangerous illicit drug that looks like ice or white chalk crystal and sometimes can be blue.

Users exhibit anti-social behaviours arising from paranoia and hallucination.

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