Stress Factors To Watch These Perilous Times

By Don Domnic

In our society today, the behaviour of folks leaves much to be desired. At bus stops waiting to catch a bus or in supermarkets waiting to pay or elsewhere, the story is the same–the lack of decorum and/or courtesy. This is a cause for concern.

The situation is worse when driving. You will stop to wonder what is driving people crazy.

The other day at a road intersection, a man spat on a driver just because the driver came close before him, thereby making him make a wider arc to pass. Then the unexpected happened: he rolled down his glasses and spat on the driver.

It was such a terrible sight to behold. One thing is common with people who exhibit attitudes that rank them with animals.

A retired medical practitioner, Dr Onyedika, said ‘most people are under stress, that is why they are strange in their behaviour’.

Renowned medical practitioner and homeopath, Dr Ernest Ugo, once said, “You know it is from driving that you easily recognize people’s sensibilities. You easily identify a gentleman and understanding person from his her driving.”

Our society is today plagued by many factors that act as what psychologists call ‘trigers’. For some people, it is bad behaviours, for others it is filthy environment or even bad manners.

A consultant psychiatrist, Dr M Ezeme, said, “Many people feel that they are above the law, yet some feel their job is more important than that of others, yet others are responding to emergencies.”

The economic situation is a major factor that is influencing us negatively. According to the World Health Organization, there are physical signs of stress, such as headache, neck and shoulder pains, back pain, upset stomach, not feeling hungry, lump in the throat, heavy chest, and tight muscles.

Thus when you notice any of these signs better seek medical advice.

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