Enugu Lady Caught With Stolen Phones, Money Hidden In Bra

By Uchenna Odo

A young lady was, Friday, caught while stealing phones and money at Nkwo Umabi Market in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State.

“The lady is notorious for such acts; she was recently caught while stealing phones at Orie Agu, Udi,” a source said.

According to an eye witness, the lady disguised as someone buying pap, and secretly picked the seller’s purse.

“Luck ran out on her when the owner noticed her act, and raised an alarm,” the witness said, adding that, “a search on her by people around revealed five stolen phones, and a purse containing N5000. She hid the purse with some phones in her bra.”

She was saved from being mobbed by some officials of the market; that was after she had been beaten blue and black, Adadareporters was told.

“Some young men wanted to strip her naked before setting her ablaze, but for the timely intervention of market security men,” a groundnut seller said.

Another witness said, “If we allowed this lady in the hands of these young Okada boys, it would’ve been another story.

“She is a thief, but we will not encourage jungle justice in this town. We don’t want that type of ugly news here.”

A woman who claimed to know her said, “Stealing is part of her life. She can’t stop it. She is from Nsude, a neighbouring town of Umabi.”

Some owners of the stolen items recovered them from the scene.

She was later taken to a nearby police station for further interrogations.

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