Why Ohanaeze Ndigbo Should Secede From Politicians-Nwodo

By Adadareporters

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party in Enugu State, Chief Nnanwike Nwodo, Friday, called for total independence of Ohanaeze Ndigbo from politicians. He said it was only by being politically neutral that the Igbo socio-cultural organisation could champion the fate of Ndigbo aright.

Nwodo, a former council chairman of Igboetiti Local Government Area, stated this in an interview with Adadareporters in Enugu.

He said, “Ohanaeze could be the most reasonable instrument for the unity and emancipation of the Igbo land. But in recent time, they subjected Ohanaeze to political appointments. Some of the governors will unite and bring an Ohanaeze leadership who will obey them. Then the leadership is made to depend on the stipends from governors. How can somebody pay you and you turn back to challenge the person?

“If the Igbo must unite as a third force, Ohanaeze people must be seceded from politicians completely. It is true the funding will be difficult, but there are many business men in Igbo land who will be able to make contributions for Ohanaeze to stand firm. I believe that if we can get a body like Ohanaeze firm, and all other socio-cultural organisations come to unite, people can come under the umbrella of such a forum and air their views and make suggestions.

“It still depends on how many courageous people that we can mobilise, not courageous in terms of the saying that virtue lies in the middle. When you have extremists who call for war, everybody will run away. When you call the other low side of it that lacks total courage, people will not be comfortable. We need the middle class, who are courageous. They will see that it will not lead to war, but the truth will be said for everybody to appreciate.”

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