2023: Power For Positive Change Is In Your PVCs, COCIN President Tells Electorate

By Nura Ismaila

The president of the Church Of Christ in Nations (COCIN), Rev Dr Amos Musa Mohzo, Monday, called on Nigerians to ensure that those yet to get their permanent voters cards (PVCs) do so within the timeframe.

According to him, the power to effect the desired positive change in 2023 is through the use of PVCs.

Rev Mohzo said, “2023 is yet another of decision making, decisions which will either make us as a country or mar us as a nation.

“Nigerians are certainly passing through very difficult times and every Nigerian with voting power must ensure that we vote credible leaders that will bring about good governance in the next political dispensation.”

He stated this while speaking with journalists during the just-concluded Zaria Provincial Church Council (PCC) Ministers Conference for pastors and their wives.

The conference is specially created to provide spiritual, physical and mental enrichment for them in the discharge of their duties.

He stated, “The PCC which comprises Kaduna, Kano, Niger, and Sokoto are all here for the summit and it is just to encourage ourselves to do more in our ministries as we continue to work for God.”

On the 2023 general elections, he said, “We advise our people to go out and get their PVCs and get ready to exercise their own right.

“If there is a fight against our faith, we need to be prayerful and allow ourselves to be directed by God in what we are going to do. We are believers and we have a focus.

“We will not just go out and vote for anybody, but we will vote according to the leadership of the Holy Spirit and vote according to our faith based on what God is revealing to us.

“All of us are Nigerians, but as believers in Christ Jesus led by the Holy Spirit, we will vote according to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

“As Nigerians, we have another opportunity to ensure that we effect positive change through our PVCs. It must not be business as usual. We must all commit to vote and vote wisely.”

He said the church had been doing well in preaching the gospel, but stressed that insecurity has been a major challenge, particularly in the North East where most of the churches and members have been displaced.

Quoting him, “In other parts of the country like in Plateau, we have lost many of our local churches–those on the outskirts of the boundaries–because of the activities of the terrorists, but we are still there because it is the work of God and together with the help of our brothers worldwide, we are still faring.

“We still have Christians in Borno, in Gwoza where they have been displaced. They are going back. We have Christians in Adamawa; that is how we are faring.

“As Christians, let us stand firm. We must never relent. This is our nation. We don’t have two Nigeria.

“The killings, destruction of property, we are feeling that there are group of people who are after eliminating the Christian faith, so much more that we cannot move, our churches, our priests are at risk. We are part and parcel of this country and there is no one that can chase us out. God is there to fight us.”

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