Enugu Residents Embrace Crayfish As Prices Of Fishes Soar

By Uchenna Odo

The rising cost of fishes is becoming a source of concern to households in Enugu State.

Ikenna Okechukwu has a cold room at Garriki in Enugu. He told Adadainfo that, “The price of dollars is too much. Naira has fallen beyond human imagination. Most of the fishes we consume in Nigeria are imported.

“When you change naira to dollars, you find out that after buying them, you are left with no option than to increase the prices. Otherwise, sellers lose.

“The Russian-Ukraine war has also jeopardized the international business as most of their interests are in the war. Russia is one of the major countries that supply fishes to different countries in the world.

“The high cost of gas is also one of the problems. Most of these trucks that convey these products use gas. When you calculate the transport fare and the money you pay to clear your goods at the ports, the prices will not come down.”

Monica Ogbodo, a trader at Garriki market, said, “The fishes we sell here come from Russia and China.

“Original Titus is from Russia. It is more tasteful. A carton contains 25 of them. The price now is N40, 000. That is reason it is sold N1,500 or more, depending on the sizes.

“The one from China has two sets. Titus from China is normally 60 in number or more. It is sold at N30,00. The smallest among the two sizes is sold at N400 and the bigger one is sold at N500

“Another one is called Serveda. It used to be 25 in number. Sometimes, they are 20, or 18 in number. A carton is sold for N25,000. We sell one at N1,800 or more.

“Many a time, when you mention the price, people run away. They resort to buying crayfish.”

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