Skeletal Service of NNPC Fuel Stations South: Case For Concern

By Don Dominic

Amid confusion and politics of fuel pump price increases, NNPC filling stations in the South-East geopolitical zone remain closed most times.

In every society, what drives businesses is competition which really brings out the best in human beings.

In last couple of days, there has been a confusion about the pump price of fuel. Whereas independent marketers said that there was a directive to that effect, the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation denied such a move.

The spokesman of NNPC, Garba Deen Muhammad, in a statement, said that the issue is that of midstream and downstream which does not involve NNPC anymore.

It is in this milieu that the lackluster services of NNPC stations give course for concerns as her stations most times are under lock and key.

A staff of their mega station in Enugu, who spoke on the basis of anonymity, said, “Our stations are treading with caution out of fear of attacks by implementers of sit at home.

“That is why our services in the South East have not been as before.”

When reminded that ‘sit at home’ is only on Mondays, he said that the stations only get supplies if they are sure of safety.

Meanwhile, filling stations in Enugu are already selling between N190 and N200.

The question on the lips of south easterners is: when will NNPC stations in the zone play the roles for which they were built?’

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