2023: Peter Obi Wins Northern Elders Forum’s Online Polls

By Adadainfo

Mr Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, outwitted other top contenders in an online poll conducted by the Northern Elders’ Forum to determine the acceptability of presidential contenders in 2023.

Obi scored 81.4 per cent; APC’s Asiwaju Tinubu got 8.3 per cent; NNPP’s Senator Kwankwaso, 3.3 per cent while Alhaji Abubakar of PDP got 7 per cent.

The spokesman of the Northern Elders’ Forum (NEF), Dr Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, initiated the voting via his Twitter handle.

He had asked @baba_hakeem: “If presidential elections are held next week, who will you vote for?”

The online poll began at 11:09pm on July 19, 2022, and 49,389 votes were cast.

Meanwhile Baba-Ahmed has described Mr Obi as a detribalised Nigerian. He stated this after a meeting he hold with Obi Friday morning.

He tweeted, “I spent valuable time with Mr Peter Obi this morning. I wish those who see him as an ethnic candidate can get to know him better.

“I also wish those who try to sell him will tone down his ethnic identity. I hope the nation will see the candidates up close, we could see a revolution.”

Dr Muster Gwandu, in a reaction, urged Mr Obi to speak out against the Indigenous People of Biafra to prove his ethnic neutrality.

Gwandu tweeted in response to Baba-Ahmed’s assertion, “You may be right, Sir. However, Peter Obi’s silence on IPOB terrorism is a considerable factor.

“I have listened to one interview, where he was asked about IpOB, and he sounded somehow sympathetic. [I’m] yet to discard him though, but I’m still reading the man.”

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