The Economics of Biogas Utilization for Cooking

By Don Domnic

Cooking gas technically called Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has been what Nigerians use for cooking because of its effectiveness.

However, with the deregulation of the Petroleum Industry, the volatility of the naira owing to several factors including the war in Ukraine, the deregulation of the naira, among others, the price of cooking gas is on the increase and keeps fluctuating; for instance the price of 1kg LPG is oscillating between 750-850 naira. This has made its use difficult for households.

Other sources ofhousehold cooking energy are not easy to come by. Mrs Eze in Emene Enugu expressed the rigour that housewives are going through thus “it is not easy for us as kerosene, charcoal and firewood are expensive”.

The development of the Biogas option is key for the economy in many respects like ease of use and provision of employment opportunities.

Once Biogas is installed, it needs no further expenditure in maintenance or input as it uses wastes.

Meet the CEO of Blonergy Nig Ltd that produces Biogas from household wastes to solve the problem that housewives go through.
Chinedu Blossom just passed out from The National Youths Corps Service (NYSC) with her primary assignment at the Government House, Enugu.

According to her, “Biogas unlike LPG, is generated through the decomposition of organic biodegradable wastes ie house hold kitchen wates.

It can entirely replace LPG as cooking energy/fuel. It is environmentally friendly and cheaper than other sources of cooking energy.

In an interview with Adadareporters, she said that “the challenge of its use is awareness as many people are not informed about it’s technology”.

She explained that “Blonergy is spreading the good news by sensitizing the public about the technology”.

Equally Blonergy offers online training on the development and usage of Biogas successfully at home.

Her company also sells fully fitted home Biogas plants for home use as the plant converts all kitchen wastes into Biogas.

Blossom Chinedu graduated from the University of Port harcourt with a B.Tech in Industrial Chemistry and Petrochemical Technology.

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