Okpara Square, Where Sports Guarantee Good Health

By Don Domnic

It is said that he who has health has everything. The role that Okpara Square, Enugu, plays traditionally is for events generally speaking, but it also hosts a very important activity: physical and health training.

It serves as a fitness centr for all those that want to keep fit, trim and kinky.
A trip to the square in the morning hours of the day leaves you in no doubt that if you want something, go for it. Thus people of all ages–young, old, young–are there ‘enjoying’ themselves in physical training exercises.

The exercises are in various types, jogging, jumping, near boxing the air, stretching and so on. It is indeed a beauty to behold, especially when the participants engage drummers playing music which they dance joyfully.

This eases tension and tunes the participants for the day’s business. Again it makes them happy which is a factor for good health and longevity.

It is a big business too for marketers of breakfast foods, sporting apparels as well as physical fitness professionals and/or consultants who guide the participants in the exercises.

Sometimes as you drive from the New Artisan flyover into the Independence Avenue, you meet them as they jog towards Toscana Hotel.

A marketer of fruit juice, Chinyere Anekwe, told Adadainfo: “We sell juices and organic products to the people exercising.”

A physical trainer, Emeka, said, “We really like the training. You know it is said that liking what you do is happiness.”

So when next you drive up the Okpara Square from the New Artisan end, reduce your speed as you may meet these folks having a good time through physical fitness.

Okpara Square is indeed famous for so many event, including being a physical and health centre par excellence.

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