Ngo Regulation Bill Back in the House of Representatives

By Adadainfo

Civil Society Organizations have been sensitizing Nigerians on the bill which is considered as draconian and will create difficulties for Cso’s, Community associations and the like.

The bill seeks to among other things make it compulsory for all Cso’s operating in Nigeria to register with government every two years and would require them to include details such as location and duration of proposed activities as well as information on sources of funding.

Reports by human rights activist Chidi Odinkalu is that the bill is still being processed in the House of Representatives despite the objections by Nigerians.

The bill was first introduced in the house of Representatives in June 2016 and later sent to the committee on civil societies.

In a statement Chidi Odinkalu has alerted Nigerians on the dangers posed by the bill if passed. He called on Nigerians and the Civil Society and Community development associations to air their objections before it is too late.

According to him “we have enough laws already to monitor and regulate societal associations and organizations and do not need more as the bill under consideration by the house of Representatives will cage efforts of Citizens to be innovative “.

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