‘Salary Of The Wicked Is Death’ – EU Curses Omatseye Over Article On Obi

By Adadainfo

The Eastern Union, Thursday, wished Mr Sam Omatseye to ‘rest in pieces’ following his caricature article on Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi.

The article, which has attracted criticisms for its unethical mode of presentation, is entitled ‘Obi-Tuary…’

EU, an amalgam of people championing the emancipation of the land of the Eastern Region of the country, made its position in a release by its national president, Charles Anike.

The group, describing the article as ‘satanic publication by Sam Lucifer Omatseye’, stated that, “To us, his publication didn’t come as a surprise because we knew since the Take-Back-Our-Country-Movement started, many frustrating and wicked task masters are getting mad.

“Let’s recall that since the emergence of Mr Peter Obi as the candidate of the Nigerian masses through the Labour Party, hell has been let loose by the enemies of peace and progress of the Nigerian people.

“The slave masters are obviously getting more frustrated by the emerging realities on ground. But since the Obidient movement is a divine intervention resulting from the fervent prayers of Nigerians of all religions for God to send a rescuer, Obi’s growing influence and popularity is causing a lot of political jobbers and looters undeserved peace of mind.

“The political terrorists and bandits across the country in their frustrated desperation are employing fake clerics, social media warriors, pen terrorists, including Nollywood fallen stars etc.

“They are unleashing terror on the Peter Obi mass movement. All these and many more have so far shown ignorance of the DIVINE arrangements to install Peter Obi.

“The more they write and murmur against the Obidient movement and the Labour Party, the more Nigerians from all tribes and religions are embracing the emerging force that will eventually usher in a new era of hope and the new Nigeria of our dreams.”

The group said the new Electoral Act had increased anxieties in the country’s political space.

According to it, “These political terrorists said that Labour Party has no structure that can win. They said that Obi is only existing and known only on the social media. They said that Obi doesn’t have experience to run a corrupt and cartel system of government. They said that Obi is not known in the north since the northerners are not on social media etc.

“In the light of the above, we can now understand the frustration and bitterness of Sam Omatseye. We lost our peace of mind and progress since 2015 but now we are very determined to recover them through the Peter Obi movement.

“Mr Omatseye and others like him are surely from the lineage of the Biblical Pharoah that must die in the Red Sea for attempting to take us back to Egypt.”

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