Bandits Unhindered @ Checkpoints, Innocent Citizens Exploited – Clergyman ‘Mourns’ Nigeria 

By Adadainfo

A Catholic priest, Fr Cyriacus Kamai, has ‘mourned’ contrasting experiences of bandits and innocent citizens at various checkpoints in Nigeria.

Fr Kamai stated that while bandits and other perpetrators of crimes in Nigeria move unhindered and with impunity, Nigeria’s innocent citizens doing their legitimate businesses are daily being exploited, harassed, detained, maimed and made to pass through untold hardship by security personnel manning such checkpoints at strategic locations in the country.

Fr Kamai, apparently inferring how bandits in some states of the country, such as Katsina, Kaduna, Zamfara and Borno brazenly abduct and even collect ransoms in the open, did not even offer prayers for God’s intervention.

He tweeted, “In Nigeria, an innocent citizen will drive ten kilometres and meet twenty checkpoints, but bandits will drive 100 kilometres with 300 children and meet not a single checkpoint.” 

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