Benue Youths Demand Apologies From IGP Over Dismissed Police Inspector

By Adadainfo

The Benue Youth Forum, weekend, demanded apologies from the inspector general of police, Mr Usman Alkali, for allegedly identifying the police inspector recently dismissed by the Force as Tiv.

Terrence Kuanum, president, Benue Youth Forum, stated this in a release he made available to our correspondent in Makurdi.

He alleged that IGP Alkali made the remarks during a parley with officers and men of the Nigeria Police in Gombe.

According to him, IGP was explaining why the police high command recently sacked three policemen, among them an inspector of police of Tiv origin who was serving in the Kogi State Command.

Kuanum said, “It is curious that IGP Alkali mentioned the Tiv twice in two sentences without any mention of the tribes or ethnicity of the other two policemen that were also dismissed for unprofessional conduct.

“For the number one police officer in the country to make comments like ‘one Tiv man’ and ‘look at how he was dressed like a Tiv warrior’ while referring to the dismissed police inspector is tantamount to hatred and ethnic profiling which shouldn’t be coming from someone who is expected to be neutral at all times.

“Many police officers and men from different tribes have been found wanting in the discharge of their duties but at no time did their ethnic groups so disparaged.

“A recent case in point is the allegations against DCP Abba Kyari and his colleagues who are currently standing trial for drug related offences. Their tribes have not been an issue.

“Why the Benue Youth Forum will not support any act of criminality by any officer of the state as exhibited by the inglorious action of the dismissed police inspector which eventually cost him his job, we, on behalf of the entire Tiv nation, take exception to that blatant insult and overt spewing of vile towards the Tiv nation by the IGP.”

The group condemned ‘the attempt by the IGP to disparage the Tiv people and portray them in bad light’.

According to Kuanum, “Such remarks coming from a man who has always stressed the need for people to avoid ethnic profiling of criminals show that there is much to be desired from him if he must be seen as a professional himself.

“We therefore demand an immediate withdrawal of the comments from IGP Usman and public apology to the Tiv nation who have been insulted by that infamous outing in Gombe.

“The BYF has utmost repect for constituted authorities and government institutions; and we expect them to be in the forefront of uniting the nation, rather than making divisive comments or taking actions capable of creating mistrust among the people.”

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