6 Reasons Why Obi will not respond to Dino and other attack dogs

By Adadainfo

Labour Party’s presidential candidate Mr Peter Obi will only respond to comments by rivals in the 2023 presidential poll and not to his rivals’ hirelings.

A statement by the Obident Media office said: “Dino Melaye, the attack dog of the PDP Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abubakar has nothing to say but to keep attacking the Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi. We know the reason, he can’t get the attention he is seeking without bringing in Obi, the man of the hour.

“No matter the quantum of untruths and falsity the attack dogs of the other Presidential Candidates dish out to the easily persuaded to believe public, the Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi will never respond to them. Why? Here are half a dozen reasons why Obi will continue to ignore them.

  1. Because he is too serious in his rescuing Nigeria mission to be distracted by busy body jobbers deliberately hired for mischief.
  2. Obi is not in the competition with them but with their Principals.
  3. Obi is issue driven in his journey to Aso Rock to serve the people and rescue the country.
  4. Obi has very many useful things to say and cannot afford to waste time on rabble rousers who do not appreciate the enormity of our challenges.
  5. Obi is at the service of Nigerian youths who are committed to this project and would not want distractions.
  6. And above all Obi’s hard earned outstanding credentials and reputations are such that he cannot climb down so low to join them in the gutter.

So, for those who call the Obident media office seeking Obi’s response to Dino’s needless attacks on him, these are the reasons, if you join a mad man in a fight in the market place you could be mistaken for one.
Please remain Obident and focused.

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