2023: Don’t Vote Stooges Of Godfathers, EU Tells Electorate

By Adadainfo

The Eastern Union, Wednesday, advised electorate, mainly from the South-East region of the country, to cast their votes for candidates with proven integrity.

The group, which champions political emancipation of people of former Eastern Region, called on electorate to eschew candidates annointed by godfathers.

Charles Anike, EU’s national president, told our correspondent in Abuja that, “Since the advent of this democracy, the political leadership across the country has been highjacked by political godfathers.

“The activities of godfathers have made nonsense of the country’s democracy. This has far-reaching negative effects on the welfare, security and development of the people.

“The results of their activities have created tensions and poor performances. We therefore urge the people to vehemently resist them this time. The evil of godfatherism accounts for the poor performances and high rate of underdevelopment in the South East in particular.

“The godfathers impose their stooges against the popular candidates. Among the states in the South-East that have suffered most are Abia, Imo and Enugu.

“Ahead of 2023 general elections, the highjackers have lined up their stooges to continue to deny the people the dividends of democracy and maintain.

“We’re hereby urge our good people to take their destinies into their own hands in the coming elections. They must not accept or allow themselves to be manipulated to vote candidates of the old order.

“In these states, we have identified transformation and credible candidates but who are not enjoying the goodwill of the godfathers. They are not in popular or ruling parties, but we have searched them out and very determined to expose them to the electorate.”

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