Fayose Reveals What Obi Requires To Defeat Tinubu, Atiku

By Adadainfo

Labour Party’s presisential candidate Mr Peter Obi requires at least N50bn to defeat other presidential candidates in the 2023 general elections.

Isaac Fayose, young brother of former Ekiti governor, Ayodele, stated this in an online video.

Isaac is a chieftain of the Labour Party. He said the surging fame of Mr Obi among mainly Nigerian Elite is not enough to guarantee his victory considering poverty vulnerability of a majority of Nigerians.

Conversely, Isaac Fayose said the presisential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, has the deep pocket and structure to win the polls.

According to him, “Out of all the candidates, Obi is the most popular. If we vote today on social media, he will win. But an election is structure-based.

“So, Obi will need N50bn to be able to make that government a reality. N50bn, yes, Obi will win.

“Remember, Tinubu is a little bit popular too. He has what they call structure. The structure alone is worth N50bn.

“He has what they call goodwill. They call him ‘The City Boy’. So ‘where him money no fit reach, him structure go reach, where him structure no fit reach, him popularity go reach.

“Obi, with N50bn, will manage to buy his own army to defeat Tinubu.”

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