‘Woe Betide Igbo Leaders Thwarting Obi’s Chances’ – EU Praises Ozigbo’s Joining LP

By Adadainfo

The Eastern Union, Tuesday, commended Chief Valentine Ozigbo for ditching the Peoples Democratic Party for the Labour Party.

Ozigbo was a chieftain of the PDP before decamping to LP.

EU’s national president, Hon Charles Anike, said Ozigbo’s action showed ‘courage and boldness’ aimed at actualizing ‘a pragmatic presidency of Nigeria through the Peter Obi candidacy’.

According to Anike, “Such action and boldness is what is expected of all worthy sons and daughters of Nigeria, both at home and abroad.

“Chief Ozigbo has shown the way: others are expected to show true love and commitment to the actualization of the Obi Presidency.

“Recall that Chief Ozigbo was the PDP standard-bearer in the just-concluded Anambra State gubernatorial election.
It is very disheartening to hear some lgbo political leaders who pretended to fight for lgbo Presidency now talking down Peter Obi candidacy.

“What a level of dishonesty and hypocrisy! And more gravious is how many of them are secretly working hard to scuttle the Obi chances just because of their selfish ambitions.

“While some of them are busy forming alliances with other interests to frustrate the Obidient movement, some are openly and publicly speaking against the Obi candidacy, without any justifiable reasons than out of envy and selfishness.

“Some of them are going the extra-miles to warn Ndigbo that their votes to Obi will be a waste because to them Obi does not stand a chance of winning the 2023 presidential election.

“But the truth is that there is nothing anybody can do to frustrate a VISION whose time has come to fullfillment. So no amount of their bitterness and gang-up can frustrate God’s plan to save Nigeria, through Obi-Datti Presidency.

“Woe betide those who as a result of selfish ambitions are working against the long overdue lgbo Presidency coming to fullfillment through Mr Peter Obi.

“Therefore it is high time our people realized that it’s natural that it must be one person at the driver’s seat at a time. And those who have the mentality that it must always be them or no one else should either change that mentality or be ready to commit suicide, because God will remain God without them.

“Why would somebody of Igbo extraction say that a vote for Obi is a waste? We, the Eastern Union members Worldwide, are lending our support to Mr Peter Obi to become the next Nigeria president come 2023.”

The union urged political leaders to take a ‘cue from Chief Ozigbo and support our beloved brother, Mr Peter Obi, to become the next president to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari’.

Anike said, “They may not necessarily decamp from their political parties, but should at least stop criticizing and brain washing Nigerians against their determination to take back our country.

“It’s important our leaders wake up to the realities on ground.”

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