Police Demand N5, 000 To Investigate Man’s Torture By Nsukka Vigilantes


One Onyedika Ndu, Sunday, narrated to THE WHISTLER how two young men alleged to be members of a vigilante group at Nsukka, Enugu State, nearly killed him last Sunday.

He said, “On 21 August, 2022, around midnight, I got to Nsukka, precisely at Fenpark junction. I was returning from Enugu. These security men usually block the major road leading to Nsukka town in the name of securing the place.

“They do wear uniforms. I had collected my motorcycle that I newly bought. I met them and greeted them. I also identified myself. They demanded money from me. I told them I had only N50. I begged them.

“They said they would seize my motorcycle. I refused. They collected my key. They told me to call somebody, maybe to bring me money to settle them. I told them I had nobody to call. I called one of them that I know. The person I called told me to give them the phone so he could speak with them. Before I could hand the phone over to them, they seized my phone also.

“They began to beat me with belt and knife. I was dodging to avoid being killed because I did not know their motive. They wounded many parts of my body. When I saw that my life was in danger, I used my last energy and fought them, in the process I recovered my key when it fell off the hand of one of them. I was able to snatch their dagger and defended myself. When they saw I had the strength, they began to run.”

He regretted that he reported the case at Nsukka Police Station, and the police, rather than tackle the matter with the urgency it demanded, rather demanded bribe from him, and till date had not commenced investigations into the case.

According to him, “The next day, I reported the matter to the police. They asked me if I knew them. I told them they are members of the neighbourhood watch, and could easily be traced because they have a functional office. I gave the dagger I recovered from them as evidence.

“To my surprise, they asked me to pay N5, 000 to fuel their motor. I told them I didn’t have. Even to enter the case in their file, I paid. I collected the number of the IPO so that when I see them, I call him. My phone is still with the guards. They answer calls with it until I blocked the number on Thursday. I am a plumber, and have lost my contacts.

“I have met the head of the neighbourhood in the area, and he said those that manned the street on that fateful day travelled. He said he is not aware of what happened. He said he didn’t know about my seized phone. I believe their target was to kill me and steal my motorcycle which I bought at N450, 000 recently.”

The state police public relations officer, DSP Daniel Ndukwe, is yet to respond to inquiries. But a source in the state police command referred our reporter to the divisional police officer of Nsukka Police Station.


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