2023: Non-Remittance Of 5% Guber Aspirants’ Fees To Zones ‘Dims’ Atiku’s Chances

There are indications that the alleged failure of the national secretariat of the Peoples Democratic Party to remit five percent of funds paid by the party’s governorship aspirants across the six geopolitical zones will mar Atiku Abubakar’s chances in the 2023 presidential election.

Our correspondent in Kaduna gathered that the five percent is a statutory sum to the zones, but PDP National has failed to remit it, hence dampening the morale of zonal executives.

A source at the PDP secretariat, who does not want his name mentioned, said, “The zones are to statutorily earn the five percent. The higher the number of the aspirants for each zone, the higher the amount they get. For instance, North Central has above 30. North West, where I come from, also has a quite number of aspirants. South West recorded a large number of aspirants. I can’t say for sure how many bought the form in the South East, but plus or minus, 40. If the zones are yet to be paid, they should follow the due process.”

An executive of the PDP, North-West zone, on condition of anonymity, said, “The non-remittance is affecting our operations. It has also dampened the spirits towards making our presidential candidates and other candidates victorious. That is all I can say, but the development is unfortunate.”

An executive of the PDP in South-South zone said, “We are not allowed to speak. But at times, our leaders fail to realise that elections nowadays, with the new Electoral Law, are about commitment. Such commitment can only be gotten through transparency. We waited for the remittance for a long time, but it seems not forthcoming. I advise the hierarchies to wade into it before it is too late. 2023 will be dicey.”

A supporter of Atiku Abubakar, who identified himself as Sailisu, said, “PDP leaders might be plotting how to make Atiku lose. They should wake up. The zones are vital, and anything to short-change them by not remitting the percentage, as contained in the party’s book, will portend doom.”

Meanwhile, the national publicity secretary of the PDP, Debo Ologunagba, has denied not remitting the five percent to the zones.

Debo, in a furious response, told our correspondent weekend that, “It is not correct. Can you find something more important to do? If you are interested, come to the PDP national secretariat and find out from finance. We are finding ways to save our country from the APC. You are saying something because some people are saying something. It is not correct. Can we end this conversation? It is not correct.

“In fact, it is not the matter we should be dwelling on. We need Nigeria to survive, and that is the project of the PDP. APC has destroyed this country, and we are here to salvage it. You just said that it is an allegation. The best person to answer you is the financial secretary of the party, but I can assure you that it is not true.”


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