89 Million Nigerians Enrolled In NIN

By Adadainfo

Over 89 million Nigerians have been enrolled in the ongoing nationwide National Identity Number (NIN) enrolment, the commission has said.

NIMC’s director-general, Mr Aliyu Aziz, stated this Thursday during a news conference ahead of the 4th National Identity Day scheduled for Friday in Abuja.

The theme of this year’s celebration is: ‘Traditional Institutions as Critical Stakeholders for Citizens Mobilisation’.

He said, “In this year’s Identity Day, we are partnering with the traditional institutions and their leaders to create awareness on NIN enrolment.

“Last year we introduced Tokenization to make the enrolment easier for people. This year we want to leverage traditional institutions to reach the grassroots. We started with people in the urban areas, remaining those in rural areas.

“We want to continue to grow the database by carrying the grassroots along. Since then, we have been growing the database at the average of two to three million monthly.

”The 89 million are the mainstream people so there are still remaining the local people in village, petty traders, market people and artisan in rural areas across the country. NIN is the right of everyone.”

On the working tools of the commission, he said it increased its equipment from 1,000 to 29,000 nationwide.

He said the frequent collapse of data centres was due to the equipment upgrade.

People will soon be allowed to do independent modification of their data through NIMC app as soon as they are through with the integration, he said, adding that the modification attracts stipends.

Our correspondent gathered that the United Nations set 2030 for all persons to have identities.

Meanwhile, Nigeria is the first country to commemorate the ID Day in 2018.

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