2023: Eastern Union To Deliver 25 Million Votes To Obi


By Adadainfo

The Eastern Union, weekend, said it would mobilise twenty-five million votes across the federation to Labour Party’s presidential candidate Mr Peter Obi in 2023.

EU is an association of groups and individuals promoting the unity of the old Eastern Region and beyond. It has membership within Nigeria and the diaspora.

Speaking through its national president, Hon Charles Anike, weekend, in Enugu, EU said it would ensure that Mr Peter Obi ‘secures a comfortable victory in the coming presidential election’.

In his words, “The EU, formed in 2006 by people of South East and South South, maintains a strong presence across the country. We have also maintained a strong leading voice on national issues.

“We have also maintained friendly relationships with fellow Nigerians of all works of life and that has enabled us to network and convince millions of our friends and associates in our different locations to see the need to put Nigeria first in our quest to change the present leadership of the country.

“Nigeria needs a capable leadership that will restore hope. Nigerians are experiencing many years of misrule, especially under the present APC-led federal government. The country deserves a leadership of Obi that can bring fast healing and restoration in the land.

“This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to mobilize Nigerians to ensure Obi’s VICTORY.

“EU state coordinators have been mandated to deliver at least one million votes for Obi in their respective states.
We have used the EU platform to set up campaign cells in the wards of every state where EU is existing.”

He appealed to Nigerians ‘not to miss this God-given opportunity to take back our country. We must not fall prey again in the hands of politicians who, in many ways, contributed and are still contributing to our woes as a nation’.

He said, “They are already preparing their arsernals to launch their fake campaign promises. We must continue to remind ourselves that the present APC government and the previous PDP leaderships laid the foundation for our present sufferings.

“Both governments deliberately sustained the policy of unemployment of the Nigerian youths. The continued unemployment of the youths is a ploy to make them a ready tool in the hands of political leaders.

“We must also understand that as ordinarily people, we share the same sense of loss, irrespective of religious beliefs or ethnicity. The truth is that we are not getting the dividends of democracy and that is why we must ACT NOW.

“Unless this ugly trend is checked and arrested now, there may be no future indeed for the majority of Nigeria’s population. The camp anyone belongs should not be the issue, rather, the reality is that the masses of the people are living below poverty line and there is urgent need to arrest the worsening situation to guarantee a peaceful transition in our national life.

“We must all understand that failure to contribute towards a positive change in our society is tantamount to passive support for the evil.”

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