Soludo Goofed Over ‘Unknown Gunmen Are Igbo’ Comment – Ohanaeze Youths

By Adadainfo
The Ohanaeze Youth Council, weekend,  reacted to the recent statement that the unknown gunmen recently captured in the state are Igbo.
Igboayaka O. Igboayaka, the national president of the group, claimed Gov Soludo had accused Ndigbo of being behind the ‘unknown gunmen’ ravaging Anambra State.
Gov Soludo had said on ChannelsTV said that, “Let me be clear about it: 100 per cent of the people we have caught are Igbo. There is no hoax that somebody is invading from somewhere. It is 100 per cent Igbo on Igbo.”
Igboayaka described Gov Charles Soludo as a ‘mischievous child who could engage in a rough play with the testicle of the father’.
He said insecurity had intensified with the emergence of the All Progressives Congress (APC) administration of President Mohammadu Buhari, while lamenting that the present federal government has been complacent about the spate of insecurity.
Igboayaka criticised Gov Soludo for making ‘baseless accusations against his people, thereby swiftly coming out publicly to tag them criminals’.
He said: “Insecurity in Nigeria has increased since 2015 at the emergence of President Mohammadu Buhari-led administration, yet the federal government has not done any ethnic profiling of those causing the problem.
“In states like Kaduna, Zamfara, Sokoto, Kastina, Niger, Borno, Yobe, till today no governor has come out to state categorically say that Boko Haram, bandits and kidnap syndicates are Fulani, Hausa, Nupe etc.
“Unfortunately, we have a governor who lacks knowledge of information management and barely 12 months as governor already knows that criminality in Anambra are committed by Ndigbo.
“Soludo has become the first governor that has done ethnic profiling on criminality and banditry in Nigeria. This is laughable.
“On December 27, 2017, there was a jailbreak at Ikot Ekpene and 47 inmates escaped. Gov Godwin Akpadio didn’t tell the world that it was Ndi Calabar or Ndi Oron that were behind the criminal act.
“Also, on September 3, 2015, the Sokoto Remand Home break took place yet Gov Aminu Tambuwal didn’t tell the world that it was carried out by Fulani or Hausa, among other such cases.
 “Soludo should have known that crime profiling all over the world is done by individual identity not by ethnic identity. Soludo goofed.
“Gov Soludo should do more work and talkless. He must employ a good media guru on public speech or he may plunge Anambra in a big mess with his overzealousness.”
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