Self-Determination vs Obi-dients

By Ndidi Uwechue

Among the ordinary people of Nigeria, the battle is between those who want to get their Sovereignty and Self-Determination back, and the Obi-dients, the followers of presidential candidate Peter Obi, who are working against indigenous peoples regaining Self-Determination.

It is either or. It is either you are for the inalienable right to Self-Determination, or you are for Peter Obi and what he himself has stated that he represents. Although it is somewhat doubtful that Elections 2023 would actually hold, in order for Peter Obi to get his wishes actualized, he needs the Obi-dients to take him to Aso Rock. Therefore, in a real sense, the Obi-dients are the wind beneath Obi’s wings – without them, he will get nowhere. Thus, it is the Obi-dients who will lift up Peter Obi into the position where he can now bring upon the country what he stands for.

What does Peter Obi stand for? Before we hear it from the man himself, let us consider some known facts. The instrument of governance known as the 1999 Constitution does not have the consent of the people. It is a fraud, a forgery that deceitfully says in its Preamble that “we the people”, ie, that the Ethnic Nations came together to agree on a unitary Nigeria, plus that they then went on to make for themselves that 1999 Constitution, the source of all miseries. Another known fact is that that imposed 1999 Constitution hijacks the Sovereignty and the Self-Determination of indigenous Ethnic Nations, making indigenous peoples virtual slaves, unable to control their resources, unable to control their present and their future.

A further known fact is that the 1999 Constitution renders indigenous peoples defenceless in the face of armed Fulani presently carrying out ethnic cleansing against them for land grab, and Fulanization (ie conquest and control by the Fulani, immigrant settlers in Nigeria as they carry out Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration that Nigeria is to be their “estate”).

Yet another known fact is that the indigenous Ethnic Nations organized under the non-violent NINAS Movement are pushing back against this Fulanization Agenda, and so have Repudiated the illegitimate 1999 Constitution via the Constitutional Force Majeure declared on 16th December 2020 to Terminate the Operation of that death-bringing forgery and enabler of Fulanization, in the NINAS Territory (South and Middle Belt), and in so doing retrieve the Sovereignty and Self-Determination hijacked by that 1999 Constitution.

Now we can go to what Peter Obi had said concerning the repudiated and illegitimate 1999 Constitution that is hostile towards the interests of indigenous peoples. Mr Obi was interviewed in August 2022 on News Central. Here is the transcript of a viral video clip of that interview:

Interviewer: “Well, you will be working within the framework of the 1999 Constitution and its exigencies. Its Exclusive and non-exclusive list and all of that. How would you carry along governors and people that are not pulling their weight?”

Peter Obi answers: “The Constitution might have its own problem but that Constitution is not what is keeping us where we are today. It is bad leadership. Notwithstanding the Constitution you can drag everybody along. You can drag everybody yelling and crying and say, listen we’re going to get this, we can still make the country productive. You don’t necessarily need to… Anybody who tells you… How are you going?… Why do we have Economic Council? Economic Council in the Constitution says the states and the Federal Government will meet once a month to decide the economic future of the place.”

Thus, Peter Obi made it clear that Nigeria operating a forgery as a Constitution is not really a problem to him. Later, on 1st September 2022 using Twitter, Mr Obi went on to say what he would do should he become president. Here is the text of his tweet:

“The review of the Constitution will be part of the overall restructuring Nigerians desire. It will entail legislative, executive and judicial actions. Ultimately the Nigerian people will decide.-PO”

Worldwide, those in Law Enforcement and in the Legal Profession know it is invalid to “review” a forged instrument (a forgery). How can one “review” a Constitution that was NOT made by Nigerians, then in so doing somehow it would now become a Constitution magically made by Nigerians as its Preamble states? Also importantly, does one “review” a Constitution that has already been REPUDIATED by the indigenous Owners of the land? Let it also be noted that “review” simply means to examine, it does not mean correcting, but the false statements in the Preamble need correcting.

There are fortunately Nigerians who are informed in this area, and who believe that Black lives matter. They INSIST that indigenous Ethnic Nations will have Sovereignty and their inalienable right to Self-Determination as happens in democracies. Thus, there is a face-off, a clash, a confrontation if you will, between Self-Determination seekers and Obi-dients. It is expected that there would be resistance against Obi-dients and Mr Obi dragging along Self-Determination seekers to more disaster and miseries via the fraud 1999 Constitution whose deceitful Preamble they would be preserving.

To prevent this clash between Self-Determination seekers and Peter Obi and his Obi-dients, Obi and Obi-dients must explain how the two unacceptable lies in the Preamble of the Repudiated 1999 Constitution would be corrected.

Thus, when and where did the indigenous Ethnic Nations come together to do this:

Obi-dients want change, and that is commendable. By now though, they should have seen from the traumatic history of Nigeria, and the perilous state the country is in, that SELF-DETERMINATION is the change they seek. Obi-dients do not need to go about reinventing the wheel. Via the Constitutional Force Majeure, Nigerians have the right and the power to insist Elections 2023 be suspended so as to go to Transitioning like South Africa did to correct their Apartheid constitutional arrangement. During Transitioning there would be multi-Regional Referendums and a Sovereign Conference (similar to CODESA) where Nigerians including Obi-dients will decide for themselves what change they want.

Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.

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