Video: Remorseful Thieves Return Late UNN Prof’s Stolen Property, Apologise

By Adadainfo
Property of the late Prof Tagbo Ugwu stolen at his Nsukka residence while his family went for his burial were returned by the perpetrators, with a letter of apologies to the bereaved family, Adadainfo reports.
When our reporter visited the house on Monday, the apology note of the stealers was seen pasted on the entrance gate of the late professor’s mansion.
It read, “I know we have offended this family so heavenly (sic). We beg the God Almighty and whom ever you serve to forgive us.
“We are sincerely sorry please.. Me writing this now believe that I am caused (sic) (Agwu ji m). And we don’t want more cause (sic) upon us and our family.
“Please have mercy upon those criminals that invaded your house. The items we did not bring back are small generator (pass my neighbour), small stabilizer we sold as scrab to awusa man we don’t know how to get back or locate. Finally nine cans of amstel malt have been removed from creat (sic).”
Investigations by our reporter revealed that the items returned by the thieves included assorted plasma television sets, gas cylinders, foam, beer of all kinds, and laptops.”
It was further gathered that they placed the items in front of the gate, and covered them with a waterproof to avoid damage by rains.
Tagbo Ugwu, a professor of traditional religion, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, was buried on 23rd September 2022 at his country home, Obollo-Eke in Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu State.
He was 63.
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