Video: Goat That Eats Bones Causes Stir At Nsukka

By Adadainfo

A giant goat was Monday morning captured eating a bone of another animal along Orba road in Nsukka, causing onlookers some arguments on whether goats are gradually becoming carnivores.

The goat, a hybrid, was seen eating the flesh of the bone before picking the bone, chewing it and swallowing it.

A resident of the area said, “It is only this species that does that around here. I think it is a hybrid because I have never seen such among others.

“Or the world is gradually mutating to something else. One day, goats might turn into a carnivorous animal.”

Another observer said, “It must be a result of cross-dressing. Maybe it was crossbred with a flesh-eating animal. Nothing is impossible in the world of genetic engineering. As you can see, the goat is alien.”

According to, “Goats, cattle, sheep and horses may, at times, eat non-food items, such as paper, string, plastic, pieces of material, clothing, assorted liquids, bones or carcasses, paint and batteries.

“Animals may be attracted by the smell or taste, or they may have developed a depraved appetite (pica) because of a deficiency of phosphorus, protein or sodium.

“Even boredom or curiosity can cause some animals to eat odd items. Individual animals may develop a habit and actively seek a particular item.

“Cattle, sheep and goats may deliberately chew bones or carcasses – behaviour often associated with phosphorus deficiency or possibly protein deficiency. If bones get stuck in the mouth, this may cause severe damage or cause the animal to starve.

“Carcasses may contain botulinum toxin, causing botulism (paralysis and death) in animals that chew on them.”

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