2023 Presidency ‘Battle Between Darkness And Light’ – Eastern Union

By Adadainfo

The Eastern Union, weekend, urged Nigerian electorate to see the 2023 general elections as a ‘battle’ to win Nigeria back from ‘darkness’.

EU, a pro-democracy group, stated this through its national president, Hon Charles Anike, in an interview with Adadainfo in Owerri.

Anike urged Nigerian youths, especially youths, ‘not to take anything for granted in the coming elections’. He said, “We must learn from our history, to know where and how our present predicaments started and also how they got escalated, otherwise if we joke or allow any forms of brain wash and propaganda, we will be repeating the sad history for our doom.

“The coming elections must be seen as battle between darkness and the LIGHT. The world, before creation, was filled with darkness and that same darkness still persists till today, especially in our political spaces.

“Therefore, 2023 provides us with an opportunity to forcefully take back our country from the wicked older generation. The older generation are populated with evil-minded men of no integrities, whose looting propensities are insatiable.

“They plundered and squandered everything inherited from the colonial masters. They have no worthwhile legacy, than their corruption ingenuities. To worsen it, they’re refusing to quit the stage, hence the need to force them out through the ballot.

“The older generation has encroached and infested the new generation with their corruption virus and wickedness. The Nigerian masses and especially the youths must take advantage of Obi-Datti Candidacy to forcefully retire expired politicians.

“Since Mr Peter Obi emerged as the presidential candidate of the Nigerian masses, hell has been let loose. They have since the emergence of Obi set the media spaces agog, unleashing all kinds of unfounded allegations to discourage Nigerians from supporting the Obi-Datti Presidency, but to no avail.

“Thorough research has shown that most of the attackers of the Obidient movement are either products of broken homes or are currently having broken homes, hence they don’t see anything good in good.

“They were brought up with wrong mindsets and therefore hardly can reason alongside others. Some of them have formed and sustained evil habits and dreadful lifestyles.

“The 2023 elections are both spiritual and physical battles. If we must secure the sanctity of our human dignity. It is a battle against the greedy, sadistic oppressors against the oppressed masses of Nigeria.”
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