Igbo Group Fingers Ebubeagu Behind Surging Crimes In Ebonyi, Imo States

By Adadainfo

Igbo Bu Igbo Foundation, a pan-Igbo group, weekend, interrogated the surging crimes in Imo and Ebonyi states despite that they are the only states where Ebubeagu is operating in the South East.

Ebubeagu was agreed by the South East Governors Forum to be a regional security platform to secure the region. However, after the proposed formation of the newtork, only Ebonyi and Imo adopted the initiative. Enugu, Abia, and Anambra did not key into it.

Recent security challenges show that more mayhem is committed in Imo and Ebonyi than other South-East states that do not have Ebubeagu.

Against this background, the group expressed worries over the sincerity of Ebubeagu’s application in Imo and Ebonyi.

The group also advised the federal government to consider political solutions to Nnamdi Kanu’s incarceration, considering his recent court victories. Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, is being tried over an alleged running a proscribed group (the Indigenous People of Biafra), jumping bail and treason. He has however won his cases on jumping bail, and deportation from Kenya to Nigeria in a ruling by the Court of Appeal on 13th October, 2022. The court also ordered his discharge, but Federal Government said Kanu was not acquitted, and had appealed for stay of execution, which was yesterday granted by the same Appeal Court.

The chairman of the IBI Foundation, Chief Humphrey Orjiako, made the position of the group known during a press briefing at the FCT council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists.

According to him, “The Biafra agitators should keep their mission peaceful and shun any form of violence or armed struggle, no matter the temptation or provocation.

“The federal government should end the Nnamdi Kanu saga by allowing a political solution in order to rest the case. The government should take necessary measures to obey the rule of law.

“The Igbo Bu Igbo is deeply worried by this growing insecurity. Granted that no state is spared in the South-East, it is noteworthy that the incidence is worse in Ebonyi and Imo states. Beyond the gravity of insecurity, the two state governments have also been accused by some of their own people of being responsible for perpetrating much of the insecurity through the reckless deployment of the Ebubeagu security outfits for politics and other acts of complicity or complacency.

“Coincidentally too, Ebonyi and Imo are the only two states in the South-East where the proposed regional outfit, Ebubeagu, is said to have taken off.

“Igbo Bu Igbo is not affiliated with any political party or tendency. Its sole interest and intention are to canvass for the restoration of peace, security, and stability in the South-East zone.

“There have been reports from a reliable source that Ebubeagu is responsible for many of the abuses and extrajudicial killings of innocent citizens, especially the youths.

“Regrettably, the reverse appears to be the case, as the Ebubeagu outfits, both in Ebonyi and Imo states, seem to have become more of the problem than a solution to the growing Insecurity in the zone.

“Igbo Bu Igbo notes that from all evidence available to it, Ebubeagu is being deployed as a political tool against opponents, several examples of such abuses are available in a public place.”
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